Is Canadian Metal Ignored? Lee Aaron and Anvil

  The release of the new album by Anvil has brought much debate to heavy metal blogs in recent weeks. It seems that most people either really love Anvil or really hate them. Those who love them call Anvil “The best band never to get a break” while others who hate Anvil say they never got a break because they suck. I am one of the ones who love Anvil and if you want band who is worse, then look no further than Voi Vod. Like Anvil, Voi Vod also come from Canada and having seen them twice, I can only describe them as being so bad that they’re good.

This brings me to my point. There are many bands that have come out of Canada who have never seemed to have had their break. Of course there have been the acts who have had their break like Rush, Bryan Adams and Loverboy, but there have been many other Canadian rock and metal acts who got close but just weren’t lucky enough. Anvil is included here. The first and maybe foremost of this group is the lovely Lee Aaron. Back in the 80s, this lovely maiden of metal not only became a pin up for young male metal heads, she put out some music which really rocked. I still enjoy her albums Metal Queen and Call of the Wild. Furthermore, she was on at least one occasion voted Female Sex Objekt by Kerrang Magazine. Some say that she commercialed out a bit on her Powerline album by adding keyboards, but the album is still pretty good.

So, if you should have a copy of any of Lee Aaron’s material, put it on and reminise about a time forgotten. Her music and her looks are bound to put a smile on most faces. In any case, you should at least have a listen to the new Anvil album, Juggernaut of Justice and make your own mind up.


5 Responses to “Is Canadian Metal Ignored? Lee Aaron and Anvil”

  1. metalodyssey Says:

    Triumph is another Canadian Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band that I’d like to shout out. “Spellbound” from 1984’s “Thunder Seven” album points out one instance as to why Triumph can also be labeled Heavy Metal too… IMO. Plus, this band belongs inducted in that “so-called” Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with RUSH too! Great Metal points you raised here…


    • I realised after I posted that I left out Triumph. They’ll be featured in next week’ blog “Is Canadian Metal Ignored Part 2.” I’ll also be mentioned my favourite of all Canadian bands, The Killer Dwarfs.


      • metalodyssey Says:

        It’s never easy making a “master list” of anything! There will always be bands missed whenever I personally make a list it seems! Here is a very, very, cool and “Old School” Hard Rock meets Metal band from Canada… DERAILED. The last I knew, they are unsigned. This band is loaded with talent and experience too. They are so worth checking out! 🙂


  2. Love Lee Aarons early albums and Anvil metal on metal song is cool. Great blog btw


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