Metal’s Founding Fathers- Pt 1 Jimi Hendrix

Although the roots of heavy metal can most likely be traced back to the1950s, I thought it would be appropriate to start with this man, Jimi Hendrix. While the great artists of the late 60s, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors to name a few had an influence on metal, it was Hendrix who in my humble opinion took music to a new direction.

Hendrix revolutionised Rock as we know it. His hard rock sound set the standard for many of the acts that would follow him. It is him I attribute the standard form of first verse, chorus, second verse, chorus, bridge, guitar solo, third verse or bridge, chorus method that is found in so many of today’s, metal songs. The great part is that this format still works!

Not only did Hendrix set the format for much of today’s metal (and that of the80s), many of his songs are still rocked out to today. On my own MP3, I have the classics “Purple Haze,” “All Along the Watchtower” “Foxy Lady” and my all time favourite “Hey Joe.” Of course there are many more classic Hendrix anthems and he more than likely would have created many more had his life not been so tragically shortened. So everyone, raise a glass and think of this founding father of heavy metal, I regret not making more mention of him in Rock And Roll Children.

Next post: Black Sabbath

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