Founding Fathers of Metal Part 2, Black Sabbath

I know that I am preaching to the choir, but you can’t mention the origins of heavy metal without mentioning Black Sabbath. It is most certain that every metal head on the planet (and maybe beyond) will site Sabbath as one of the founding fathers of metal.

My only regret is not allowing myself to listen to Black Sabbath throughout my teenage years in the 1970s.  Back then, I was a born again Christian and was very much influenced by the Black Sabbath are Satanic brigade and believed the myth that listening to them would have me sacrificing chickens to the Dark Lord. That is one claim that Black Sabbath can boast, they were the first band I know of to be branded Satanic.

It was their “Paranoid” album that first introduced me to the music of Black Sabbath as a young marine in 1980. I was totally blown away by the first track “War Pigs,” which is still my favourite Sabbath track after all these years. The other tracks confirmed to me that Black Sabbath were brilliant and persuaded me to listen to them more. Furthermore, after hearing “Paranoid,” I did not find myself looking to sacrifice a chicken on the first available altar.

Black Sabbath would put out eight albums between 1970-78, although it is the two pictured above along with “Paranoid,” that rank as my favourite. Their sound was true metal in its greatest form and many a band since will draw upon them as an influence. While Black Sabbath will continue and have success with other line ups, the original billing of:                                            

Ozzy Osbourne- vocals

Tony Iommi- guitar

Geezer Butler- bass

Bill Ward- drums

will be the line up that is most remembered by all metal fans.

Next post: Led Zepplin

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