Other Great Metal Influences, Part 7- Thin Lizzy

Like T-Rex, Thin Lizzy was one of those great rock bands from the 70s which I didn’t fully appreciate until the 1980s. Sure, I loved the song “The Boys Are Back In Town” when I first heard it on the radio, back in 1977. Also, I would see their albums advertised, but think nothing more. But that was down to me and nothing to do with this great band.

For me, it seemed when I began to really expand my musical horizons in the early 80s, it seemed only natural that Thin Lizzy would be part of that. Their music seemed to fit right in with much of the metal going on at the time. I really began to get into their earlier material as well at that time. Therefore, it is no surprise that many of the metal acts of the 80s cite Thin Lizzy as one of their influences, with some acts even releasing covers of Thin Lizzy songs. I have heard Bon Jovi’s cover of “The Boys Are Back In Town” and only a few years ago, the great Metallica released a copy of “Whiskey In a Jar.” However, I am still waiting for a cover of my personal favourite Lizzy song, “Jailbreak” as long as they do the song justice.

An old friend of mine, (I haven’t seen him in over 27 years) saw Thin Lizzy play what was then to be their last ever gig back in 1983. My reaction to that is “You lucky ****.” Reports were, they were a great live act and not seeing them is a regret for me.

The death of Phil Lynott in 1986 marked an end of an era for Thin Lizzy fans. The way he died made many rock stars at the time rethink their life style and live cleaner. However, his spirit lives on in the music, just ask any true Thin Lizzy fan. Thin Lizzy was definitely a big influence on heavy metal.

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4 Responses to “Other Great Metal Influences, Part 7- Thin Lizzy”

  1. I got a boxset of about six of their albums earlie this year. Such a strong band. Songs like “Johnny” and “Opium Trail” are just excellent.

    Have you heard Mastodon’s cover of ‘Emerald’ ? That’s what made me check them out.


  2. They were a great live act. I was able to see them twice in the late 70’s. Kind of a shame the radio didn’t play much of there heavier metal songs which really made them a classic rock artist.


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