Great Rock Albums of the 1970s: Black Sabbath- Paranoid

Living the sheltered life I did as a teenager back in the 1970s, I didn’t hear this album until 1980. When I did, I thought this was the hardest rock album ever (until then). Hearing the Paranoid album changed my view on music forever. After that, I completely abandoned any feeling for the top 40 and have been a dedicated metal head ever since and this is the album I have to thank for it.

Every rock or metal compilation album puts the title track “Paranoid” on it knowing that it will boost the album. I won’t take anything away from the song, it’s a good one. However, the song that did it for me and is still my favourite Sabbath tune is definitely “War Pigs.” Having seen Sabbath twice in concert, I cheer the loudest when they play it. Of course, we can’t forget the brilliant riffs that is “Iron Man” as well as the other songs like “Fairies Wear Boots.” From beginning to end, it is understandable why this is one of the true metal albums of all time.

Tack listing:

1. War Pigs

2. Paranoid

3. Planet Caravan

4. Iron Man

5. Electric Funeral

6. Hand of Doom

7. Rat Salad

8. Fairies Wear Boots

Ozzy Osbourne- vocals

Tony Iommi- guitar

Geezer Butler- bass

Bill Ward- drums

No one can argue against the Paranoid album by Black Sabbath as being the template for what true metal albums since should be like. This album has been often immitated but never duplicated and will forever stand the test of time.

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  3. Loving your blog…

    I often thought commenting was stupid, but for this blog i shall give it a go. Im loving it!…


  4. Rick Durham Says:

    Everything but Iron Man & Rat Salad still sounds good 50+ years later, albeit Ozzy Osbourne is a dyslexic nincompoop & poor excuse for vocalist & front man, I mean really, only the most juvenile inexperienced mind can worship someone that drug a shoe around on a string 🤣

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