Great Rock Albums of the 70s: Judas Priest- Sin After Sin

Not many metal bands can take a classic folk song like “Diamonds and Rust” sung by Joan Baez and make a true metal anthem out of it. That is exactly what Judas Priest did with the song and to quote Cheryl Cole (Oh God, I can’t believe I’m doing this) made the song their own. “Sin After Sin” was the all important follow up to their previous album “Sad Wings of Destiny” and it brought them one precious step closer to the greatness they would eventually come to enjoy.

Back then, Judas Priest were still climbing the ladder to success and still hungry and like the previous album, the hunger is reflected in the music. True, to some, “Diamonds and Rust” might give this album an air of commercial respectability, the other tracks in the album such as “Sinner,” “Raw Deal” and “Dissident Agressor,” which Slayer would cover eleven years later, show a raw and hungry sound to this band. Plus, the tracks have that unique introduction that when you hear it, you know it’s a Priest song.

Track Listing:

1. Sinner

2. Diamonds and Rust

3. Starbreaker

4. The Last Rose of Summer

5. Let Us Prey/Call for the Priest

6. Raw Deal

7. Here Come the Tears

8. Dissident Aggressor

Judas Priest:

Rob Halford- vocals

Glen Tipton- guitar

KK Downing- guitar

Ian Hill- bass

Simon Phillips- drums

This is another great find back in the archives of metal past. Albums like “Sin After Sin” would not only help to pave Judas Priest’s way to greatness, it would also contribute to the flood waters which were gathering at the time and would soon overflow its banks to create what we know as heavy metal.

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