1978: The Year the Rivers of Rock Began to Overflow

As I think back to this year, I remember that in some ways, 1978 appeared to be bleak. If you turned on many of the local radio stations, you were usually bombarded by a disco tune. Even the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney would incorporate disco into their sound. The thing was with Paul, I realise that Wings’ “Band On the Run” album was an album which I should have included in the past category as it was a great rock album in the 70s. But I digress, early that year, Hollywood unleashed “Saturday Night Fever” onto the world and it was easy to say why disco seemed to dominate music.

If disco being in its prime wasn’t bad enough, Hollywood dealt rock another blow with the release of what was now in my mind, a rather atrocious movie. “Sgt Pepper.” That film saw Peter Frampton who less than two years earlier made one of the premiere rock albums of the 1970s, join forces with the driving force of “Saturday Night Fever,” the BeeGees and make a movie consisting of covers from Beatles songs. To some, the greatest insult from this film was that Aerosmith also appeared in this film. Most conclude that it was to pay their drug dealers, although I really like their cover of the Beatles classic “Come Together.”

In spite of this apparent bleakness, there were rumblings in the wildrness. When I was able to fiddle with my radio, I could get the good rock stations coming out of Philadelphia. Rock bands were striking back with great albums that would go down into the annals of history. Furthermore, disco might have been in its prime, but little did we know was that it would die a death in less than three years. Meanwhile the gods of rock were hard at work at their anvils begining to forge a new type of music, heavy metal. It was 1978, where a some great bands would get their lift off and other bands would go onto influence artists of the next decade. So take a trip back to this year and you will see that 1978 truly was the year the rivers of rock began to burst their banks.

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4 Responses to “1978: The Year the Rivers of Rock Began to Overflow”

  1. Metal Odyssey Says:

    I love 1978 due to my beloved New York Yankees beating the Boston Red Sox in a “tie-breaking game” by a score of 5 to 4 and winning the AL East Division. 🙂

    Great post. Only Disco still haunts me to this day due to ABBA being in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. (!)


    • I remember that game. Unfortunately, the Yankees went onto beat my beloved Dodgers in the World Series. To be honest, I didn’t mind ABBA that much back then. It was all the Saturday Night Fever stuff that got to me. Thanks


  2. Since then, many bands have changed to a more conventional hard rock or heavy metal music sound.


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