Great Rock Albums of 1978: Joe Walsh- But Seriously Folks

Back in 1978, I only had a small AM clock radio that only had a range as for as I could throw a baseball. Therefore, I had to encounter a lot of disco tunes and other top 40 rubbish in order to hear the occasional good song. Then one night I heard the killer riffs from an electric guitar. Stunned, I had to turn up the volume of that clock radio and what I heard blew me away, the song “Life’s Been Good” by Joe Walsh.

“But Seriously Folks” was the first solo album from Joe Walsh since he had joined the Eagles two years earlier when they put out the famous “Hotel California.” This solo album was considered more melodic than Walsh’s previous album but it is still a good rock album as it carries many of the traditional guitar licks he was known for.

Track Listing:

1. Over and Over

2. Second Hand Store

3. Indian Summer

4. At the Station

5. Tomorrow

6. Inner Tube

7. Theme from Boat Weirdoes

8. Life’s Been Good

This album was a welcome relief from the onlsaught of disco in the summer of 78. However, it is still probably one of the best albums by Joe Walsh and still a good listen these days.

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