Great Rock Albums of 1978: Rush- Hemispheres

I was warned that this 1978 offering from Rush was a bit weird. Having listened to a good chunk of it on line the other day, I don’t know if I would call it weird, however, it does seem that Rush was determined to put out another concept album. “Hemispheres” adheres to Neil Peart’s love of fantasy and science fiction and the desire to get it down in music. The result was an album which two of the songs were in excess of nine minutes, (the first track Cygnus X1- Book II, Hemispheres is eighteen minutes) filled with the type of prog rock which Rush was becoming famous for.

There are some people out there who don’t like listen to songs that are much more than seven minutes long, let alone an entire album of them. For those of us who don’t have a problem with it, this album is great for listening to when you are doing other things. It served that purposer for me the other day. That doesn’t mean you can’t just sit down and listen to them for the pure sake of doing so. Great when you are on a long drive or just sitting back and listening. “Hemispheres” is a very good album for doing just that. It has the trademark Rush sound which has defined them for over thirty years now.

Track Listings:

1. Cygnus Book X1 Part II, Hemispheres

I.  Prelude

II. Apollo Bringer of Wisdom

III. Dionysus- Bringer of Love

IV. Armageddon, The Battle of Heart and Mind

V. Cygnus- The Bringer of Balance

VI. The Sphere, A Kind of Dream

2. Circumstances

3. The Trees

4. La Villa Strangiato (An Excercise in Self Indulgence)

I. Buenos Nachos Mein Froinds

II. To sleep, perchance to dream

III. Strangatio Theme

IV. A Lerxst in Wonderland

V. Monsters!

VI. The Ghost of Aragon

VII. Danforth and Pape

VIII. The Waltz of the Shreves

IX.  Never turn your back on a Monster

X. Monsters (Reprise)

XI. Strangiato Theme (Reprise)

XII. A Farewell to Things


Geddy Lee- vocals, bass, mini moog, oberheim polyphonic, tarus pedals

Alex Liefson, guitars, guitar synthesiser, mini moog,

Neil Peart- drums, percussion, bells

As far as concept albums go, this one is one of the best. In the following albums, Rush would return to more traditional type album structure, but “Hemispheres” is still a good listen.

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9 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1978: Rush- Hemispheres”

  1. As you may or may not know Mike, I am a HUGE Rush fan and this is one of my favourite Rush albums………no probs here with longer tracks or concept albums- I just love it!!!!!xxx


  2. Rush took me a while to “get” but they’re a great band – and this is one of their best albums. La Villa Strangiato is great…


    • It seems a lot of people like this album and some don’t. I guess it’s the concept idea. Thanks for joining my journey through rock/metal history and you’re right, Rush are a great band.


  3. How kind of you to remember all of that about moi Mike!!!LOL I also like PINK shiny things nowadays and have succeeded in sounding like an airhead once more!!!!
    Long live rock n roll, Rush and pink/purple shiny things xxxxxxxxx


  4. Why thankyou so much Mr LeFevre!!! I will be Witchy BSc, hopefully in a coupla months-just about done with the essay and then I will be able to concentrate on FUN things like music again!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


  5. Hands down my favourite Rush album. The title track is one of my all time favourite songs by anyone ever.


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