Great Rock Albums of 1978: Foreigner- Double Vision

I have finally figured out why my AM clock radio finally gave up the ghost in early 1979. It couldn’t handle the hard rock coming out of it in the summer of 1978. First, there was the song “Life’s Been Good” by Joe Walsh and on the same night, it belted out “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner. It is obvious now that two such hard rocking tunes were too much for a device that was used to blasting out disco tunes; it probably blew a tube from it all. For me, the summer of 1978, was a good rocking summer and this album was one of the reasons why.

The album “Double Vision,” the second album by Foreigner, has been considered by many, me included, as one of their best albums all around. It has a good rocking edge that has you rocking away from the very first song. (It does help that “Hot Blooded” is the first song.) However, the others all follow suit, especially the title track, and make this album the classic that it is.

Track Listing:

1. Hot Blooded

2. Blue Morning

3. You’re All I Am

4. Back Where You Belong

5. Love Has Taken Its Toll

6. Double Vision

7. Tramontane

8. I Have Waited All So Long

9. Lonely Children

10. Spellbinder


Dennis Elliot- drums, vocals

Ed Gagliarti- bass, vocals

Lou Gramm- Lead Vocals, percussion

Mick Jones- guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals

Ian McDonald- guitars, keyboards, vocals, reeds

I stand by my assertion that “Double Vision” is the best album by Foreigner. It is a good rocking album that after more than thirty years, has been a solid rock for many great rockers like me.

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2 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1978: Foreigner- Double Vision”

  1. Metal Odyssey Says:

    Fabulous Pick! Whoa!

    Oh yeah, hands down ‘Double Vision’ is the best Foreigner album! Their debut album is “second best” for me. Then ‘Head Games’ is third and ‘4’ is… “fourth” (for me).

    ‘Tramontane’ and ‘Blue Morning’ are such absolute fine “deep cuts” too. A classic. And Foreigner should have been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame years ago.

    Rock Steady 80’s Metalman! \m/


    • Thanks Stone, there was no way I would leave this album out. Too much great rocking memories for me. I would rank the Foreigner albums in the exact same order you do, great minds think alike. Although my sister did play Agent Provacateur for me and I wasn’t that impressed.

      I also agree they should have been put in the Hall of Fame ages ago. I guess they’re not Duran Duran enough.


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