Great Rock Albums of 1978: Styx- Pieces of Eight

It is not very common that when an artist puts out a great album, they follow it up with another great album. There are many examples where this has come close, but usually one album is usually slightly better than the other. But this is exactly what Styx accomplished in 1977 and 78. In 1977, they put out the iconic album “The Grand Illusion,” which I talked about a couple of months ago in a previous post. A year later, they followed it up with the release of “Pieces of Eight,” which is another iconic album equally as brilliant as the first.

Like its predecessor, “Pieces of Eight” has some great hard rocking tunes like “Renegade” and “Great White Hope” as well as some more progressive rock tracks like “I’m OK,” “Sing for the Day” and “The Message” and then combine both elements in tracks like “Blue Collar Man.” Of course the other tracks are strong too and takes this album out of the shadow of “The Grand Illusion” and put it on an equal standing with it.

Track Listing:

1. Great White Hope

2. I’m OK

3.Sing for the Day

4. The Message

5. Lords of the Ring

6. Blue Collar Man

7. Queen of Spades

8. Renegade

9 Pieces of Eight

10. Aku Aku


Dennis DeYoung- keyboads, synthesisers, pipe organ, vocals

James Young- guitars, vocals

Tommy Shaw- guitars, mandolin, vocals

Chuck Panozzo- bass, vocals

John Panozzo- drums, vocals

With “Pieces of Eight,” Styx accomplished what many acts have never been able to do. That is follow a great album up with another. It all takes me back to the time when this album defied the disco craze and gave us some great music to listen to.

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2 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1978: Styx- Pieces of Eight”

  1. Oh the memories, the memories! I had this album on vinyl in my youth and LOVED it!!! I especially liked Blue Collar Man…………..xxxx


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