Great Rock Ablums of 1978: Queen- News of the World

Yes, this is another abum, which was actually released in 1977, but “News of theWorld” by Queen was one of the albums that made my spring in 1978. The hit singles “We Will Rock You” and “We are the Champions” spear headed Queen’s push for rock and roll dominance in the early months of that year. Both songs were used as a motivation for my high school basketball team when it want to the South Jersey final. Unfortunately, they lost that game, but those songs still were true rock anthems.

I have always liked the sound of Queen and this album was one of the reasons. The operatic harmonies were groundbreaking at the time and I’m not just talking about “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Furthermore, as I said before, Brian May is truly up their with the guitar playing elite. However, the problem I had with Queen back in 78 and 79 was Freddie Mercury and my own homophobic views. The fact that I know I wasn’t the only one who had them doesn’t justify it at all. My fears of being branded gay kept me from openly saying that I liked Queen’s music. I’m just glad I have become much more open minded in my adult years and can truly appreciate what a great band Queen are and what a great album “News of the World” was. In the spring of 1978, Queen surely were the champions of the rock world.

Track Listing:

1. We Will Rock You

2. We Are the Champions

3. Sheer Heart Attack

4. All Dead All Dead

5. Spread Your Wings

6. Fight From the Inside

7. Get Down Make Love

8. Sleeping on the Sidewalk

9 Who Needs You

10. It’s Late

11. My Melancholy Blues


Freddie Mercury- lead vocals, piano, percussion, cowbell

Brian May- electric and accoustic guitars, lead vocals on “All Dead All Dead” and “Sleeping on the Sidewalk,” backing vocals

Roger Taylor- durms, percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Sheer Heart Attack” and “Fight From the Inside”

John Deacon- bass, accoustic guitar, Spanish guitar

The best thing to say about this album is that it triumphed in spite of homophobia. Not only the hits, but other great tracks like “Get Down, Make Love” and “Sheer Heart Attack” make this album such a great classic. Queen are another act that has stood the test of time and have given us great rock memories.

To prove I’m completely over my homophobia, here’s a picture of Freddie Mercury in his body stocking, which in 1978, I thought was very gay.

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8 Responses to “Great Rock Ablums of 1978: Queen- News of the World”

  1. Congratulations on overcoming your homophobia! I heard that Queen had a hard time in the USA because of that problem. Here in the UK if you didn’t like the fact that Freddie was gay you could always listen to Rob Halford of Judas Priest. Oh…. Ah well -good that society has moved on…


    • I heard about all the troubles Queen had back then, especially in the South. My problem was that I was a born again Christian and therefore very narrow minded in those ways. In reality, as a teenager, religion messed my head up more than rock music ever could. While everyone always had doubts about Rob Halford, he didn’t come out of the closet until the early 90s. It is very well that society has moved on even in America.


  2. I was naive back then, and really did not think Freddie Mercury was gay or bi or whatever, but then personally I did not care, he could have been into sheep for all I cared, to me it was about music.

    IMO Freddie Mercury may have been greatest vocalist in hard rock history the guy was incredible.


    • My problem back then was that I was a hardcore born again Christian and therefore anything that indicated a person might be gay was used as evidence against them. I agree, Freddie Mercury was an excellent vocalist, one of the best in history and he was a brilliant showman.


  3. Metal Odyssey Says:

    Too many songs from Queen still give me the “chills” and Freddie Mercury sang it perfect… “the show must go on”.

    I now have 2 copies of this album on vinyl… finding them this past winter for 50 cents apiece! The gatefold is incredible, showing the full picture of that robot monster/thing!

    Freddie Mercury left us an everlasting gift to all of us Rockaholics… his voice.


    • You found a great bargain there, twice. Freddie Mercury was blessed with a great voice and was a great showman. Rock is poorer with him not here.


      • Metal Odyssey Says:

        Agreed. There seems to be fewer flamboyant lead singers in 2012, compared to say, those 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. There will never be another Freddie Mercury, nor another Jim Morrison or Ronnie James Dio.


      • So true, even the singers who are still alive today, Bruce Dicknison, Dee Snider and Rob Halford to name 3 blow away any of today’s singers.


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