Great Rock Albums of 1978: Journey- Infinity

While 1978 was the debut year for bands like The Cars and Molly Hatchet, for Journey, it was their break out year thanks to the album “Infinity.” It was the 4th album by Journey, the first three albums didn’t take the world by storm, at least none of their songs were played on my AM clock radio and it was also the first album to feature lead vocalist Steve Perry. The result would be this album that would set them on the road to the greatness they would have in the early 1980s.

“Infinity” contains my all time favourite Journey song, “Wheel in the Sky.” To me, this was the first song I heard that started with an impressive accoustic intro only to build up to a total rock out. Of course there are some other good rocking tracks such as “La Do Da” as well as some more slower songs such as “Patiently” and “Feeling That Way.” The album also shows that Neil Schon was another great guitarist in the decade whose talents weren’t fully appreciated by me at the time as well as others.

Track Listing:

1. Lights

2. Feeling That Way

3. Anytime

4. La Do Da

5. Patiently

6. Wheel In the Sky

7. Somethin’ to Hide

8. Winds of March

9. Can Do

10. Opened the Door


Steve Perry- vocals

Neil Schon- guitars

Greg Rollie- keyboards, vocals

Ross Valory- bass

Aynsley Dunbar- drums

If you’re fed up to the teeth of hearing “Don’t Stop Believing” because of Glee, then a good alternative is to take a journey back to Journey’s past and pull out this album. Guaranteed, you’ll hear some classic Journey stuff.

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4 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1978: Journey- Infinity”

  1. A great album – I loved that double live album they did not long after – captured that whole (pre-Escape) period so well…


    • I agree with you on all points here. I realise I made a mistake in the post. “Wheel in the Sky” wasn’t the first cool rock song with an impressive accoustic intro I liked. That award goes to “Hotel California.” It doesn’t stop it from being a great song though.


  2. Metal Odyssey Says:

    Classic Journey!! Can you imagine this: Journey is NOT in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. (!)

    There’s something about the “Classic” Journey sound that makes me feel like everything is okay around me.


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