Great Rock Albums of 1978: Cheap Trick- Heaven Tonight

Like Reo Speedwagon, AC/DC and Journey, Cheap Trick were one of those bands where I heard their later albums and then went back through the archives to listen to the earlier stuff. I found that “Heaven Tonight” typifies everything I liked about Cheap Trick. They are definitely one band who seems to have a lot of fun when they make music as there seems to be an element of this in each of their songs. However, this doesn’t stop them from being a good hard rock band who has put out some great stuff, some of which will be reviewed at later dates. As for this album, the opening track “Surrender” is a clear example of this.

Let me add Rick Neilson to my ever growing list of underrated guitarists from the 70s. When I first saw him, I had to admit that he did not look like someone who could manipulate a six string so well. His image of the baseball cap and checkerboard trousers made me not want to take him seriously at first, then I heard what he could do with a guitar and my opinion changed rather drastically. Cheap Trick can also be recognised as the band who helped my younger sister get off disco and into hard rock, although I probably think this was down to the effect that Robin Zander and Tom Petersson had on her then fourteen year old hormones.

Track Lisitng:

1. Surrender

2. On Top of the World

3. California Man

4. High Roller

5. Auf Wiedersehen

6. Take Me Back

7. On the Radio

8. Heave Tonight

9. Stiff Competition

10. How Are You

11. Oh Claire (Not listed on album cover)

Cheap Trick

Robin Zander- lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Rick Neilsen- lead guitar, backing vocals

Tom Petersson- bass, backing vocals

Bun E Carlos- drums

“Heaven Tonight” is an album that is typical of Cheap Trick. It’s fun lyrics combined with a cool rock sound make it a good listen. It proved to be a stepping stone to their more successful later albums.

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4 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1978: Cheap Trick- Heaven Tonight”

  1. Surrender is one of my all time party anthems. A great tune, one I can sing the harmony vocal to. Cheap Trick are one of those bands that I can say say :”My god, they were great live”.
    Cheers Mike, I may have some photos lined up for you if I can get them in my ‘puta. Phil’s pics from the “Get out” photo session at St. Marys college halls . I’ll try to get them up in the next few days.


  2. Metal Odyssey Says:

    Never listened to a Cheap Trick album I didn’t like. Another legendary band that has been ignored by The Rock And Roll Hall Of (Fame) Shame.

    Please review some more Cheap Trick… I look forward to your thoughts on their other albums! 🙂


    • Don’t worry about that! Before you know it, I’ll be finished with 1978 and into 79. That was the year of “At Boudakan” and “Dream Police.” So you will have some more Cheap Trick a plenty.


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