Great Rock Albums of 1978: Foghat- Stone Blue

I suspect everyone thinks back to a classic song they haven’t heard in ages and then that song remains in the head for ages after. For me that song has been the title track to “Stone Blue” by the great Foghat. As a result, for the past week I have been singing to myself over and over the chorus, “Stone blue, but rock and roll sure pulled me through.” Great lyrics to a great song from a fine album.

“Stone Blue” has more of a bluesy sound compared to the more rocking albums like “Live.” Then again, I have been told that Foghat have always been a great live band and I regret never having seen them. However, it still show cases the talents that make up the members of Foghat.

Track Listing:

1. Stone Blue

2. Sweet Home Chicago

3. Easy Money

4. Midnight Madness

5. It Hurts Me Too

6. High on Love

7. Chevrolet

8. Stay With Me


Dave Peverett- rhythm guitar, vocals

Rod Price- lead/slide guitars

Craig MacGregor- bass

Roger Earl- drums

As I post, another song from this album is now running through my brain housing group. I’m now singing the lyrics to “Chevrolet” not out loud of course. This shows what a good album “Stone Blue” is. The songs come back to memory very easily and let you know the legend that was Foghat.

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2 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1978: Foghat- Stone Blue”

  1. Metal Odyssey Says:

    Foghat! Yeah!! I once had Foghat “Live” on 8-track. I believe I actually wore it out from playing it so much! I need to upgrade ALL Foghat to CD still… shame on me.

    Great band and album you’ve celebrated here!


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