Book Signing- Result

Last night was a rather successful evening. First, I mananged to sell three books although one was the pub buying one at cost. I also found Fat Lil’s to be a cool venue with a lot of true metal heads. It also features a lot of tribute acts. In the not too distant future such tribute acts as Mentallica, Greenish Day and Blondied will be playing there.

What a difference a year can make! Shepherd’s Pie were very good when I saw them last year, but last night, they were even better. Some great covers of some great songs from Iron Maiden, Rainbow and Metallica and yes, they did play a Dio song last night and were given a free copy of Rock And Roll Children as a reward. Their cover of “Holy Diver” would have made Dio proud.

I was also invited to host another book signing at a nearby village pub frequented by the Creepy Crawlies MC.

To buy Rock And Roll Children, go to

Also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Froogle and on sale at Foyles Book Shop in London


2 Responses to “Book Signing- Result”

  1. Metal Odyssey Says:

    I’m happy for you dude! Keep it Rockin’ and Rollin’ along… there will be that day where you will probably run out of books at a signing. \m/\m/


    • Thanks, it’s coming slowly, officially I’ve sold 57 but that includes some I’ve bought at half price and gave away for promotional purposes. Any chance of seeing it reviewed on MetalOdyssey?


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