Great Rock Albums of 1978: The Who- Who Are You

The Who were considered the comeback story of 1978. They hadn’t put an album out in three years and all the band members were engaged in solo projects. Furthermore, drummer Keith Moon was having battles with drug and alcohol addiction, a battle that he would eventually lose.

I am reminded of the this album every time I see CSI Las Vegas on TV as they use the title track for the title sequences of the show. But for me, it is the lyrics of the song that do it for me. While I’ve never woken up in a Soho doorway, I know of people who have. I have been to parties in London and had to make my way home on the underground with a little bit of a sore head and asking myself that question.

With “Who Are You” the Who seemed to have returned to their more traditional blues/hard rock sound. In the mid 70s, they experimented with different creative thoughts, although I really do love “Tommy” and “Pinball Wizard” is one of my all time Who favourites. But this album reminds me more of the early days when they had a more aggressive harder rock edge.

Track Listing:

1. New Song

2. Had Enough

3. 905

4.  Sister Disco

5. The Music Must Change

6. Trick of the Light

7. Guitar and Pen

8. Love is Coming Down

9. Who Are you

The Who

Roger Daltrey- vocals, percussion

Pete Townshend- guitars, piano, synthesiser, backing vocals

John Entwistle- bass, synthesiser, brass, backing vocals

Keith Moon- drums, percussion

Keith Moon’s tragic death shortly after the release of this album would overshadow the success that “Who Are You” would have. The album would reach number 2 in the US and number 6 in the UK and showed that The Who were definitely back and in great form.

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5 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1978: The Who- Who Are You”

  1. Metal Odyssey Says:

    What an entry! An amazingly legendary band… an amazing album for me to this very day. I did find “Who Are You” on vinyl this past Winter for 50 cents and it’s mint!

    I saw The Who in concert, (mid 90’s) and I’m glad I was able to experience them live. Seeing 3 original members was better than nothing at all!

    Keep Rockin’ with no stoppin’! \m/\m/


    • You lucky ___, I never got to see The Who live. Of all the latest performances at Super Bowl half time shows, I do believe that theirs was the best. The Who are an amazingly legendary band


      • Metal Odyssey Says:

        Yes, I do feel lucky that I saw The Who! Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ opened for them too and they are a terrific band. It was at the Meadows Music Amphitheater in Hartford, CT. Good times \m/\m/


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