Great Rock/Metal Albums of 1978: Deep Purple- When We Rock We Rock and When We Roll We Roll

Before this album came into my life, my only experience with Deep Purple was the famous “Smoke on the Water.” This album changed all that, it showed me that Deep Purple were more than just one hit wonders. In fact this album showed me what a great band they were and now in my old age, (I’m 51 on Thursday) I can fully appreciate their role as one of the founding fathers of metal. For those who have been following a long time now, you may have noticed that the past few posts have been album put out by some of the great metal influences, The Sweet and Rainbow. It could be argued here, that The Who could be included among them as well. Therefore, I thought I would continue on this vien with one of the founding fathers.

There is little more one can say about this album, as it was the first of many greatest hits albums for Deep Purple. The album contains songs from the first three DP line ups, so there is a good variety here on it, including a live performance of “Highway Star” at the very end, which is the song they opened with when I saw them in 1985. I do give an account of the concert in Rock And Roll Children.

While the whole album for me totally kicks ass, the tracks I really like, if you put a gun to my head and make me say them, are the two I’ve already mentioned, plus “Burn” and “Woman From Tokyo” which is the one I put on my alternative compilation CD. I really can’t say anymore.

Track Listing:

1. Space Truckin’

2. Kentucky Woman

3. Hard Road (Wring That Neck)

4. Burn

5. Woman From Tokyo

6. Hush

7. Smoke on the Water

8. Highway Star

Deep Purple

Ritchie Blackmore- guitars

Ian Gillian- vocals

Roger Glover- bass

Jon Lord- keyboards

Ian Paice- drums

David Coverdale- vocals

Nick Simper- bass

Rod Evans- vocals

Glen Hughes- bass

During the Deep Purple concert in “Rock And Roll Children,” the band has left the stage for the second time leaving the main characters wondering if they will return. The Mitch character answers their question when he says, “They’ll be back, they haven’t played “Smoke on the Water” yet.” Yes, that is the song Deep Purple is most famous for and I have heard many versions of it. But it’s the version on this album I like the best.

Next post: Black Sabbath- Never Say Die

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