Great Rock Albums of 1979: Blondie- Parallel Lines

Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson were the first rock ladies to tingle my teenage hormones and Deborah Harry from Blondie was definitely the second. I still have nice memories of when I first saw her on the old Midnight Special show in the mini skirt and green tights. The band played their most popular hit, “Heart of Glass” and while I class the song as one that’s not bad, it wasn’t the song that I was thinking about.

Musically, while most people will say that “Heart of Glass” was their best song, it wasn’t the song that attracted me to them in that way. That honour belongs to another single from the album, “One Way or Another.” For me, that song proved to me that Blondie could rock. Furthermore, there are song other cool rock type songs like “11:59” and “Will Anything Happen.” The rest of the album contains some good to passable rock tunes which makes this it all around, a pretty good album.

Track Listing:

1. Hanging on the Telephone

2. One Way or Another

3. Picture This

4. Fade Away, Radiate

5. Pretty Baby

6. I Know But I Don’t Know

7. 11:59

8. Will Anything Happen

9. Sunday Girl

10. Heart of Glass

11. I’m Gonna Love You Too

12. Just Go Away


Deborah Harry- vocals

Frank Infante- guitars

Chris Stein- guitar, 12 string guitar and ebow

Jimmy Destri- keyboards

Nigel Harrison- bass

Clem Burke- drums

I admit, it was the fabulous look of Deborah Harry which first got me into Blondie and I know I wasn’t the only teenage boy guilty of this. But beyond the sex, there is some really good music from “Parallel Lines” and it is easy to see why it went so high in the album charts and why it’s considered Blondie’s most popular album. So, here’s a photo of Deborah Harry so those who aren’t old enough to remember her in her prime can see what the fuss was all about.

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2 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1979: Blondie- Parallel Lines”

  1. Metal Odyssey Says:

    “Heart Of Glass” for all intents and purposes is Blondie’s entry into the category: “Is that a Disco song”?

    I’m with you on all counts with what you wrote here. I do remember having a MAJOR crush on Joan Jett around 1979… whoa. \m/\m/


    • Yes, “Heart of Glass” did get a lot of disco play. Probably why it doesn’t compare to “One Way or Another.” My thing for Joan Jett didn’t develop until 1982 but (and I can’t believe I’m admitting this) had a major crush on Juice Newton back in 81. Thanks Metal Oyssey


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