My Olympics Closing Ceremony Rant

As you can clearly see there are some photos of the Olympics Closing Ceremony which took place in London last Sunday.  There are pictures of some of the acts that played there like George Michael and The Spice Girls and here’s a shot of my favourite act on the evening, Eric Idle of Monty Python fame. I thought bringing him into to sing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” was pure genius.

But from all of the act that played on the night, can anyone tell me what was desperately missing from the night? Yes, that’s right, the total absence of heavy metal bands. I won’t repeat all the things I wrote about the absence of metal at the Jubilee concert, but you can see a common thread here. In spite of the fact that Britain is the birthplace of heavy metal, it seems that the country as a whole is embarrassed to admit it. Would anyone have been offended if Iron Maiden had played on the night? Or do you agree with me in saying it would have improved things 300%?

I don’t know why the United Kingdom, which has given the world so much, is ashamed of the fact that it gave the world heavy metal. I can’t think that it’s because they were afraid of what the American religious right would have said. Most people in Britain think they’re a total joke. As I said in that last post, Iron Maiden are great ambassadors of heavy metal and Great Britain. Most of the world would have head banged away to them while they blasted one of their many great songs on stage. Maiden not being there only dampens what could have made a great ceremony and made Great Britain even greater.

So, I’ll include them here:

This is how they would have gone down at the Closing Ceremony.

See you all next time.


6 Responses to “My Olympics Closing Ceremony Rant”

  1. Metal Odyssey Says:

    Great points you’ve made here! I guess Queen (without a lead singer) was our only entry into the “Heavy Music realm”. It was nice to see that Freddie Mercury was remembered before Queen took the stage too.


    • Yes, that was good except they could have used someone better than Jessie J. My thought to that was Freddie Mercury turning in his grave. Brian May proved he could still work magic on the guitar.


      • Metal Odyssey Says:

        I don’t know what the motivation was behind Queen wanting to have Jessie J. sing for them. I guess wanting to “keep it true” doesn’t mean anything anymore? Gee Metal whiz.

        I agree about Brian May… he will always be a magical guitarist! It’s too bad Paul Rodgers couldn’t have been the vocalist for Queen on this historic night.


      • Yes, Paul Rogers would have been much better.


  2. You make a good point. Metal operates in the shadows, while remaining hugely popular.


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