Great Rock Albums of 1979: Charlie Daniels Band- Million Mile Reflections


Of the Southern Rock bands I have featured for the past few posts, there is one who was the most successful in making the country- rock crossover, The Charlie Daniels Band. It definitely helps when you have a top ten hit in both the country and rock singles charts like they did with the famous “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” When I first heard this classic hit, I was in North Carolina so I thought that it was just a good song that was popular in the South. Then I had my first 96 hour pass where I got to go home to New Jersey and found that the song was just as popular there. Charlie Daniels had definitely brought a bit of country to the rockers in the North and they liked it. However, there is one point I would like to bring up for debate; quite a few people believe that the Devil actually was the better in the fiddle duel.

“Million Mile Reflections” was not a one trick wonder. There are some other great tracks on it that help it complete the crossover. “Reflections” is a slow but fitting tribute to Elvis, Janis Joplin and Ronnie Van Zant. Other tracks for me are a more melodic rock sound with some good displays of keyboards and guitar musicianship. One track, I’m pretty sure it’s “Blind Man” although I must remember to make notes when I’m listening to an album I’m reviewing, has the extended guitar solo that had become a characteristic of Southern Rock.

Track Listing:

1. Passing Lane

2. Blue Star

3. Jitterbug

4. Behind Your Eyes

5. Reflections

6. The Devil Went Down to Georgia

7. Mississippi

8. Blind Man

9. Rainbow Ride

Charlie Daniels Band

Charlie Daniels- guitar, fiddle, vocals

Tom Crain- guitar, vocals

Taz DiGregorio- keyboards, vocals

Fred Edwards- drums,percussion

James W Marshall- drums, percussion

Charles Hayward- bass

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is probably the one song that focused people up north’s attention to Southern Rock. It could be said that it paved the way for the likes of Molly Hatchet and others and that it wasn’t just a bunch of hicks playing washboards and jugs. I learned in 1979, that there is true rock down south.

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2 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1979: Charlie Daniels Band- Million Mile Reflections”

  1. Fabulous album you’ve revisited! The Charlie Daniels Band is just another example of an iconic ‘Rock’ band snubbed by The Rock And Roll Hall Of (Shame) Fame.

    Long live Charlie Daniels… an immeasurable American Country/Rock influence.


    • Thanks Stone, you’re spot on about them being snubbed by the Rock Hall of Fame. Are they in the Country Music Hall of Fame by any chance?
      Long live Charlie Daniels from a former long haired country boy


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