Great Rock Albums of 1979: The Police- Regatta De Blanc

I was first introduced to The Police when a marine buddy suggested I listen to the song “Message in a Bottle” from this album. I won’t go as far as to say I was hooked or converted but I did like the song enough to check out the rest of the album. What I found was a sound that I thought was different at the time and for me it worked. The marines had opened my eyes to many forms of music and although I already knew the musical path I wanted to take, I found myself liking this new sound called reggae, thanks to Bob Marley. Therefore, when the reggae-rock fusion from The Police reached my ears, I liked it.

“Regatta De Blanc” has not one but two number one singles on it, for those who think that’s important. The track “Walking on the Moon” also reached that plateau although I feel it’s not as good as “Message in a Bottle.” What I like about this album is how the tracks seem to alternate between a rock and a reggae sound. There is a definite reggae influence in the two hit singles but a more rockier feel in songs such as “Its All Right For You,” “Contact” and “Ne Time This Time.” With my old man’s head on, I theorize that The Police were still looking for which direction they wanted to go with this album. My belief is this album should have been the direction they eventually went. 

Track Listing:

1. Message in a Bottle

2. Regatta De Blanc

3. Its All Right For You

4. Bring on the Night

5. Deathwish

6. Walking on the Moon

7. On Any Other Day

8. The Bed’s Too Big Without You

9. Contact

10. Does Everyone Stare

11. No Time This Time

The Police

Sting- bass, lead and backing vocals

Andy Summers- guitar, piano

Stewart Copeland- drums, guitar on verses and chorus of “Its All Right for You”, lead vocals on “On Any Other Day”

A few years after this album, in my mind and the minds of many others, The Police would eventually sell out and become another top forty band. However, this album reminds me of another time and it’s these memories that I will always keep. 

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7 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1979: The Police- Regatta De Blanc”

  1. Don’t have this album but I’m familiar with quite a few of the tracks from compilations I have. I especially love The Bed’s Too Big Without You. Love the guitar parts on that.


    • That was the same with me, I do like the guitar parts on The Bed’s too Big Without You and some of the other songs. I think Andy Summers should have been given more freedom to show what he could do with the six string.


      • Andy really plays below his capability. It’s funny, they were kind of caught up in the punk thing over in the UK. I wonder if they were shying away from playing anything too fancy in case the punk fans decided they were too prog rock!


      • You make a very good point here, one of the reasons punk became popular was because prog rock was going into 20 minute long songs. It was all to show off musicianship. Maybe they were afraid of that


      • I really think so. A lot of the punks loved reggae so I think that’s why they appealed to them in the early days. Andy Summers was definitely a progger in hiding though! He even played on a Jon Lord album! Can’t remember which one though…


      • Andy Summers on a Jon Lord album, that would definitely be worth a listen


      • I had a look online. It was called Sarabande and features a pre-Police Andy Summers! I wish I could tell you more about it but I only heard it once about 10 years ago!


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