Great Rock Albums of 1979: Journey- Evolution


It has been said and I won’t debate it, that the hit single from this album, “Lovin’ , Touchin’, Squeezin'” is one of the soppiest love songs of all time. Maybe so, but trust me on this, back in late 1979 and early 80, if you wanted to get a girl out on the dance floor on a couples skate, then this was the song that would do it. Yes, this song was big with a lot of females at the time, my then disco loving little sister included. (She saw the error of her ways about a year later.) Saying that, it wasn’t a bad song and I did like it. The correction I would have made to it was when the song was fading out at the end with the “Na na na na na’s,” I would have increased the volume of the lead guitar that was playing in the background.

As I always said, one song does not an album make. There are a lot of good tracks on here as I remembered when I refamiliarised myself with it the other night. It took me back to the memories of my old friend from New Jersey who played the track “City of the Angels” half to death. That is also a very good song and shows that the “Evolution” album is not a one track wonder. The songs after “City of the Angels” are some good blues based hard rock tunes with some good all around musicianship, especially the guitar talents of Schon,  to go with the unique vocals of Steve Perry.

Track Listing:

1. Majestic

2. Too Late

3. Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’

4. City of the Angels

5. When You’re Alone (It ain’t easy)

6. Sweet and Simple

7. Lovin’ You is Easy

8. Just the Same Way

9. Do You Recall

10. Daydream

11. Lady Luck



Steve Perry- lead vocals

Neil Schon- guitars, vocals

Greg Rollie- keyboards, vocals

Steve Smith- drums, vocals

Ross Valory- bass, vocals

Some would say that this was the last good rock album before Journey would make the descent into sounding commercial. I’m not sure about that one but it will be interesting to see as we continue the journey through time. In the mean time, enjoy this great classic album from a class rock band.

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27 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1979: Journey- Evolution”

  1. Love this album…so many great songs! “Just The Same Way” is my personal favourite.


  2. I’m not really familiar with this one. I have it but I tend to always go for Infinity, Escape and Raised on Radio. All great albums! Does Gregg Rolie still sing on this one? It always baffled me that a band with Steve Perry in it would hand someone else the mic…


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