Great Metal Albums of 1979: The Scorpions- Lovedrive


I have to make a confession here, I have never, until now, listened to an album by The Scorpions pre- “Blackout.” I know, I need my head examined. In fact, I never knew of their existence until 1982 when I was stationed on Okinawa. There are some cool rock bars on that island and it was in such a place that I was first acquainted with them but that full story is for another time. What makes me feel even more foolish is that fact that I have been missing out on this great album from 1979.

“Lovedrive” is typical of why The Scorpions are probably Germany’s best musical export. Having now finally listened to it, the album totally does it for me. I love the riffs on the opening track “Loving You Sunday Morning” and other tracks like “Just Another Piece of Meat” and “Can’t Get Enough” had me going full tilt. I was also very impressed by the instrumental “Coast to Coast.” That really blew me away. Another reason why I should see a shrink is the fact that I know the ballad “Always Somewhere.” I had it on a compilation tape a long time ago but my car stereo decided it wanted the tape for lunch. Still, shame on me for not at least trying to find out what album it was on.

Track Listing:

1. Loving You Sunday Morning

2. Just Another Piece of Meat

3. Always Somewhere

4. Coast to Coast

5. Can’t Get Enough

6. Is There Anybody There

7. Lovedrive

8. Holiday

The Scorpions

The Scorpions

Klaus Meine- lead vocals

Rudy Schenker- rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Matthias Jabs- lead guitar, backing vocals

Francis Buchholz- bass, backing vocals

Herman Rarebell- drums, backing vocals

Guitar legend Michael Schenker plays lead guitar on two of these tracks as well adding another dimension to this album. What it has made me do is want to go out and buy all of their earlier stuff. If you haven’t listened to the album yet, don’t wait like I did, you’ll regret it.

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12 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1979: The Scorpions- Lovedrive”

  1. I confess I bought this solely for the cover – it helped me through some difficult teenage times !! I just love ‘Coast to coast’.


  2. Better late than never! These early Scorpions albums are awesome. If you haven’t, you should definitely get some of the earlier stuff with Uli Roth. In Trance, Virgin Killer, Taken By Force and Tokyo Tapes are all stunning!


  3. AdmChesterMynutz Says:



  4. Saw them on the Blackout tour in ’82 and they played six songs from Lovedrive. I was in heaven as they had included all my favorites from the album. Fast forward to 2010 and my second Scorpions concert and they surprised me by playing “Holiday,” a song that they had (I believed) very correctly left out of the ’82 set list. Hard to explain but it turned out to be a huge highlight of the latter-day show. With its over-long acoustic intro and repetitive lyrics, it seemed like filler back in the day, but after hearing it live, I’ve totally changed my mind.

    Oh yeah, and the album cover was pure gold to a randy 15 year old…


    • I saw them in 1984 and again in 86. Both times they mainly played material from “Blackout” and “Love at First Sting,” still a great concert though. I would have loved to see them play “Holiday” the way you describe it, would have been awesome. My sentiments on the album cover are the same.


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