Great Rock Albums of 1980: Queen- The Game

220px-Queen_The_Game This album first came to my attention back in 1980 when the single “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was played on a juke box in a bar whose name I can’t remember. At first, I thought it was an Elvis Presley song and I wasn’t the only one. That whole song radiated The King, especially Brian May’s guitar solo. When I discovered it was actually Queen, I was even more impressed and liked the song that much more.

Of course, most people not in metal, those who worship the Top 40 charts especially, identify “The Game” with the number one hit single from the album, “Another One Bites the Dust.” That song crossed over into previously uncharted territory for Queen because it also reached number one in the soul charts. I remember many of my African American comrades in arms listening to it extensively and found it a little amusing one day when one such comrade said to another, “These are a bunch of white boys.” However, I doubt that many of them actually bought this album. What I always liked about that song is that it showed what a brilliant bassist John Deacon was.

My record buying philosophy has always been not to buy an album on account of one or two songs. The three prominent singles from the album: the two I already mentioned plus “Play the Game” are not indicative of this album. “Play the Game” is a decent opener but the second track, “Dragon Attack” is a total rocker as is the fourth track “I Need Your Loving Tonight,” which after many years of not listening to it, is now firmly entrenched in my brain like it had been back then. The last five tracks are all classic Queen and that includes my favourite track on the album, “Don’t Try Suicide.”

Track Listing:

1. Play The Game

2. Dragon Attack

3. Another One Bites the Dust

 4. I Need Your Loving Tonight

5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

6. Rock It

7. Don’t Try Suicide

8. Sail Away Sweet Sister

9. Come On

10. Save Me



Freddie Mercury- vocals, synthesiser

Brian May- guitars, vocals, piano, synthesiser

Roger Taylor- drums, percussion, vocals, piano, rhythm guitar

John Deacon- bass, vocals, guitar, synthesiser

“The Game” has been considered more of a pop album and with some of the singles from it, there is scope for that argument. However, I’m not going to argue it here, For me, “The Game” still radiates some classic Queen and is a brilliant album.

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8 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1980: Queen- The Game”

  1. That was the first real rock and roll record I purchased at age ten. I wore that platter out, and it still holds a very dear place in my heart. You didn’t mention it, but “Sail Away Sweet Sister” and especially “Save Me” are two of Queen’s finest ballads.


    • Without saying they are both fantastic songs. One thing I forgot to mention is that I never heard this album on vinyl. Due to the limited living space I had when I was in the marines, I only bought cassettes. So, if you had the album on vinyl, did you ever play “Another One Bites the Dust” backwards to see if it really says “It’s fun to smoke marijuana?”


  2. Save me is the one for me, I’ve never been able to get enough of that track.


  3. Don’t Try Suicide might possibly be the first Queen song I ever heard. My memory is hazy but I remember hearing it very young!

    I love this album.


  4. Great Queen album this… especially love Dragon Attack and Save Me.


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