Great Rock Albums of 1980: J Geils Band- Love Stinks


The USA, Canada and the UK have always enjoyed a musical interaction with one another where acts from one country get the same notoriety in the other. However, this hasn’t been the case with all acts. For example, when I get to 1981, I will reveal who I think is the best American artist not to have made it in the UK. (I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait til then.) Something similar can be said about the J Geils band. While watching British MTV, they had a weekend viewing of one hit wonders and one of those was the J Geils band with the song “Centerfold.” I was astounded! How could they be considered one hit wonders when they had been making great rock in America all throughout the seventies? I would have thought they would have at least heard of the title track of the album I’m visiting here today because “Love Stinks” is the song I will always remember them for.

“Love Stinks” is my favourite J Geils song  and it has been covered by great rock and metal artists such as Joan Jett and Bile as well as been used in commercials and films such as “The Wedding Singer.” It is also the title of the eleventh album from them. As I mentioned earlier, they tore up the seventies with a number of great rock albums and I am slightly kicking myself for not featuring any of them in previous postings, my loss. This album is no different. I love the seventies hard sound with the keyboard in accompaniment that make songs like “Till the Walls Come Down” and “Just Can’t Wait” great songs. I am also amused by the band’s sense of  humour with “No Anchovies, Please.” Yes, “Love Stinks” is a great rock album to be enjoyed by any officianado of the fine art of rock music.

Track Listing:

1. Just Can’t Wait

2. Come Back

3. Taking You Down

4. Nighttime

5. No Anchovies, Please

6. Love Stinks

7. Trying Not to Think About It

8. Desire (Please  Don’t Turn Away)

9. Till The Walls Come Tumbling Down

The J Geils Band

The J Geils Band

J Geils- guitar

Stephen Bladd- drums, vocals

Seth Justman- keyboards, vocals

Danny Klein- bass

Magic Dick – harmonica, saxophone, trumpet

Peter Wolf- vocals

The song “Love Stinks,” along with “Centerfold,” will forever be identified with the J Geils Band. However, the rest of the album the first song comes from is definitely worth a listen as well. I hope my British readers will definitely take me up on the offer if they haven’t listened to any in the  past. I know you’ll like it.

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4 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1980: J Geils Band- Love Stinks”

  1. I’ve never heard a note – where do I start?


  2. on Jan. 28, 1980, guitarist J. Geils and his titular crew sounded less like a seasoned party band and more like one of the polished, MTV-ready groups that would soon find themselves in incessant demand. Featuring eight originals and a cover of an old song ( Night Time ) co-written by Blondie producer and Brill Building writer Richard Gottehrer, the album caught the band mid-metamorphosis between Stax-loving roughnecks and future video stars.

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