Great Rock Albums of 1980: Toto- Hydra


I still do not agree with Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World fame when he listed “Anything by Toto” as number two in his list of “Top Ten Party Killing Songs” in his book “Extreme Close Up.” Saying that, there are quite a few others in that list I wouldn’t agree with either, but that’s not the point. In no way is the single “Hold the Line” from the first album a party killer. The closest any song comes to be a party killer is “99” from this album, “Hydra.” While it wouldn’t kill the party, that song would signal to me that the party is beginning to wane. That could be said with many of the songs in the album.

Okay, “Hydra” is not an album I would use to get the party into full swing but that in no way makes this a bad album. The first four tracks, or side one if you listen to it on cassette or vinyl, is more suited to softer rock and yes, “99” is one of those four songs. It isn’t until the fifth song, “All Us Boys” that Toto have any inclination to go heavy in the way of “Hold the Line” and the only other song that is similar to “All Us Boys” is “White Sister.” The rest of the album is a more mellow sound with ballads like “Loraine” and the closer “A Secret Love.” However, all of the songs are done very well and credit where due, Toto are all very good musicians and this helps to make this album into what I call, a good late night listen.

Track Listing:

1. Hydra

2. St George and the Dragon

3. 99

4. Loraine

5. All Us Boys

6. Mama

7. White Sister

8. A Secret Love



Bobby Kimball- lead and backing vocals

Steve Lukather- guitars, vocals

Steve Pocraro- keyboards, electronics, backing vocals

David Paich- keyboards, lead and backing vocals

David Hungate- bass

Jeff Pocraro- drums, percussion

“Hydra” may not be a party enhancer but it is definitely not a party killer. It’s more of a chill out in your room type of album and the musicianship of Toto makes it a very good album in which to do that.

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6 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1980: Toto- Hydra”

  1. Yep I agree. It’s a great album and I don’t care what the mood is. I also love their first album, and IV. I know some 80’s music is supposedly not fashionable but me I grew up with it and will always love it.


  2. I’m always happy to see others sharing the Toto love. Great…and highly undervalued…band. This is one of their best. Great write-up.


  3. Good choice, you can’t beat LP covers with swords on!


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