Wayne’s World’s Top Ten Party Killing Songs

In case anyone is wondering which are the top ten party killing songs according to Wayne’s World, I thought I would print the list here:

Top Ten Party-Killing Songs

01 Any Disco Tune

02 Anything by Toto

03 “From A Distance” by Bette Midler

04 “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” by Paperlace

05 “Lovin’ You” by Mimi Ripperton

06Le “Color My World” (nice flute solo… Not!)

07 “More Than Words” (chick song by the inappropriately named Extreme)

08 “Hotel California” (No, really, it’s a great party. I’m just going for a walk)

09 “Freebird”

10 “MacArthur Park” by Richard Harris

How many of these do you agree with? Let’s start a discussion.

4 Responses to “Wayne’s World’s Top Ten Party Killing Songs”

  1. As a closet disco dude I fell at the first hurdle! Personally I’d go for anything by Pink Floyd, great band not great party band.


  2. My initial reaction is to say – it all depends on the kind of party. I’m sure there are many people who would love dancing etc. to disco style music.
    However – given the context of Wayne’s world obviously they are talking about the sort of party where you rock out (or whatever you might call it). So with that in mind it is probably a fair list apart from No.2 which, like you, I don’t agree with.


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