Great Metal Albums of 1980: Saxon- Strong Arm Of The Law


We have already established that many a great heavy metal band put out a great album in 1980. However, Saxon had to go one better and put out two. “Strong Arm of the Law” was the follow on to their brilliant “Wheels of Steel” album and it is in no way any less brilliant than its predecessor.

The first thing they repeated with this album was to begin the first track with sound effects. “Wheels of Steel’s” “Motorcycle Man” opened with the sound of a motorcycle, the opening track to “Strong Arm of the Law,” “Heavy Metal Thunder” opens with the sound effects of a storm and like the other opening song, the sound effects lead nicely into a throat grabbing metal tune, which again is followed by a brilliant second song. The title cut slows things down very slightly but it reminds me of what I liked about Saxon’s later material. But don’t worry, the tempo picks right back up again with the next two tracks. “Hungry Years” might seem to start slow but the power kicks in very quickly after the intro and that sets the stage perfectly for the final two songs. With the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, the final track “Dallas 1PM” may be the appropriate song to play at the moment. I have adopted it as my personal remembrance of the tragic event. I was living in 1963 but I don’t remember where I was so I must have done it. No, actually I was only two and a half and my mother and I were visiting my grandparents in Philadelphia.

Track Listing:

1. Heavy Metal Thunder

2. To Hell and Back Again

3. Strong Arm of the Law

4. Taking Your Chances

5. 2ooo Ft.

6. Hungry Years

7. Sixth Form Girls

8. Dallas 1PM



Biff Byford- vocals

Graham Oliver- guitar

Paul Quinn- guitar

Steve Dawson- bass

Pete Gill- drums

Most bands have a difficult time putting out one good album in a year so well done to Saxon for putting out two. Both of their albums in 1980 rank right up there with some of the ones I have already covered and “Strong Arm of the Law” may not be a cruising album, but one to sit down and headbang away to.

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12 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1980: Saxon- Strong Arm Of The Law”

  1. I only bought this one a couple of months ago, what a great LP!


  2. It just occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve ever really listened to any Saxon. Always just passed me by somehow. Having right now listened to Heavy Metal Thunder, though, I will be correcting my previous error directly!


  3. Great, great album!! ‘Wheels Of Steel’ and ‘Strong Arm Of The Law’ were responsible for my feet getting wet with Heavy Metal. Biff Byford is a Metal icon 🙂 \m/\m/


  4. Another killer album from Saxon. They were on an absolute winning-streak at this point!


  5. I’ve always thought Saxon could have gone as far as Iron Maiden if their management had been as good, The songwriting and overall performance were equal to anything Maiden did, but somehow they never quite got the breaks that a good management team will get you. Any ‘best of’ metal compilations would be incomplete without songs by Saxon.


  6. I’ve only had it about a year, but I’ve really grown to love this record. So good.


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