Great Metal Albums of 1980: The Scorpions- Animal Magnetism



One major advantage to listening to a band’s later material first and then trawling back through their archives is that you get a deep appreciation for where they came from and what they did to get to where they were when you first heard them. This was definitely the case for me in regards to The Scorpions. The first Scorpions album I was treated to was “Blackout” in 1982. While that is my favourite album of theirs, when I listened to the “Animal Magnetism” album, I can say that I was very impressed with that one as well.

“Animal Magnetism” reveals a very hungry group on the album. Each song has the power that I would love so much on the next album. “Make It Real” is a great opener and the third track “Hold Me Tight,” reminds me why I have always held the vocal ability of Klaus Meine in such high regard. Then there is the seemingly ballad “Lady Starlight.” Yes, it sounds like a ballad and for all purposes it is, but I have to say that Mathias Jabs really nails it on the guitar solo. After that brief slow down, it is back to business with three more hard rocking jams before it gets to the final title cut. That track may appear to be a bit way out there but the riffs laid down by the band on it reassure the listener that it is still the Scorpions all the way.

Tack Listing:

1. Make It Real

2. Don’t Make No Promises (Your Body Can’t Keep)

3. Hold Me Tight

4. Twentieth Century Man

5. Lady Starlight

6. Falling In Love

7. Only a Man

8. The Zoo

9. Animal Magnetism

The Scorpions

The Scorpions

Klaus Meine- lead vocals

Mathias Jabs- lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Rudolph Schenker- rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Francis Bucholz- bass, backing vocals

Herman Rarebell- drums, backing vocals

Like so many of the great metal bands back in 1980, The Scorpions would go onto even greater glories. Still, it’s good to go back and appreciate where they came from and with “Animal Magnetism,” they came from a good place.

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6 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1980: The Scorpions- Animal Magnetism”

  1. I saw them at the NEC in Birmingham and it was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. The way they combined professionalism with out and out rock and ‘value for money,’ they never stopped for two hours. Flying V lighting rig extending out over the audience, the Scorpions were memorable on vinyl and for real. One of the all time greats.


  2. I really like what you said about the feeling of getting in a band’s later work first. And then trawling back. That was me and Judas Priest, I’d never heard anything prior to Screaming for Vengeance and I slowly went back and had my mind REPEATEDLY blown!

    Animal Magnetism is one of the only Scorpions albums that I’m still missing. Don’t know why, I guess it’s harder to find in stores on CD.


    • You can always listen to it on You Tube as they have the full album on it. I did do that with Judas Priest as well but it was the British Steel album that first got me listening to them and like you, I had my mind repeatedly blown.


  3. For me it was Rush…first purchase Moving Pictures ..second purchase was All The Worlds A Stage and once I heard Bastille Day I was like ….” What the hell is he going on about???”
    Scorps are a solid band once again bought Blackout and put the ad from Circus magazine in my high school locker!
    Those fellas had some very consistent releases……


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