Proof That The Sun is Anti- Heavy Metal


This is a supplemental post. Way back in the very early days of 80smetalman’s Blog, I wrote an article asking if the Sun Newspaper, the best selling in the UK is anti- heavy metal. I put forward arguments both ways although most of the evidence pointed to “Anti.” The only response I had thought they were anti- heavy metal as well, thanks Stone. Last Thursday, the paper reported a member of One-Direction caught smoking a joint in the back of the car and the editorial page had this to say about it. I quote verbatim:

“One Direction aren’t KISS or Motley Crue.

They’re role models to a generation of very young, impressionable kids. Smoking a joint in the back of a car isn’t the world’s most serious crime. But if you think that it doesn’t matter at all, read what disillusioned fans and their parents say. Zayn and Louis have a responsibility to their following, it’s the price for immense wealth and fame in a squeaky clean pop group. 

If you want to behave like rock stars lad, then join a heavy metal band.”

True, many a good heavy metal band loves the sex, drugs and rock and roll life style. They’ve earned it. But heavy metal artists aren’t the only ones who engage in such play. George Michael has been caught smoking weed and fresh faced pop acts have done far worse. Still, The Sun chooses to ignore that and single out heavy metal bands. In my view, this paper has always been against heavy metal. I would have expected this if the newspaper was printed in a bible belt state in the US but I have always thought better of Great Britain where there is much more tolerance to the music by the non metal world.

Things like this get me mad but now I have put my feelings here, I am now more relaxed. Furthermore, I am confident that no matter what the metal hating Sun might say, heavy metal will not die. I think I’ll go listen to some Motorhead.




10 Responses to “Proof That The Sun is Anti- Heavy Metal”

  1. One Direction does not have the right to go that direction-you have to rock n roll in order to rock n roll. Like Justin Beiber arrested for drag racing @ a top speed of 42 mph…it is not right.


    • True enough but that paper should leave heavy metal alone.


      • I hear you but if Heavy Metal loses all of that bad boy image completely, could it survive? If Opeth are nicer guys than One Direction (and they very well might be), would that do the genre in.? I am just asking. Metal needs that edge and reputation.


      • I don’t think they should take away the bad boy edge, it’s just the draconian view of that particular newspaper. Go back to the archives and read my post “Is the Sun Anti- Heavy Metal?” and you will see what I mean.


  2. I don’t know the Sun, but that quote shows a very archaic attitude to heavy metal music. Gene Simmons is a teetotaler.


  3. Most of their drug stories of the past few years would be Winehouse and Doherty surely?

    Not exactly Iron Maiden


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