13 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1981: Foreigner- 4”

  1. This is my favorite Foreigner album. It’s definitely a rocking album, glad you pointed that out. Juke Box Hero is brilliant.


  2. Obviously back in 81 it was a ton of ACDC for me so when I heard that Mutt Lange was producing I was interested . I head heard the name Foriegner obliviously but never took a interest in em till 4.
    Glad I did it’s a fantastic piece of Hard rock and other than the greatest hits set released a few hrs later these are the only two I have ever owned.
    Love the track Luanne…..


  3. This is a great album and I’m glad you defended it. At least half of it is on the radio every day, and for good reason.


  4. Daddydinorawk Says:

    When I was a boy I told my mom that one day I wanted to be in Foreigner. Little did I know that I actually could have been. I played bass later on, and stopped playing around the mid 90’s. Around then it seemed that the lineup was rather fluid, but by then I had zero interest in the band whatsoever. Just think, I could have jammed with Mark Rivera!!!

    A great band thru their first 4 albums. Later on…not so much, but Inside Information was one of the first cd’s I bought (yay Columbia Record Club).


    • I kind of went off them after “4” but what an opportunity that would have been for you! Were you in any bands yourself in the 90s?


      • Daddydinorawk Says:

        A few. Nothing really got off the ground. I started experimenting with electronic music around ’92. I was just exhausted trying to hook things up. The most promising one was a group of roomates who were starting a prog-metal band, totally my cup of tea but the drummer quit and they were a bit aimless and I didn’t have the capabilities at the time to try and pull it together. If I was the person I am now it might have been better, but at age 20 I just couldn’t handle the little petty things that get between people/bandmates/whatever.


      • I know what you mean except I was in the service when I was 20, that was 1981. I couldn’t play an instrument so the idea of being in a band was never a reality for me.


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