Great Metal Albums of 1981: Judas Priest- Point of Entry


You probably have already noticed that I didn’t go to Bloodstock this year and it wasn’t because of all the rain. While I would have loved to have seen Megadeath and Saxon on stage, my finances are dictated by other priorities, mainly my trip to the US in October. Enough of that said, onto the “Point of Entry,” the 1981 album from metal gods Judas Priest.

Many people have shot down “Point of Entry” over the years and I ask myself if this is fair. One such person even put the album on a par with “Turbo” and to me, that is totally way off base. I will be the first to admit, it is not one of Judas Priest’s best albums. What highlights this the most is that it is unfortunately sandwiched between what I think is their two best albums of all time: “British Steel” and “Screaming for Vengeance.” I think that most of the other albums would pale significantly when put between those two monuments to metal. Taking them out of the equation and listening to “Point of Entry” on its own, I can safely say that it doesn’t totally suck.

“Heading Out on the Highway” is an adequate opener and “Don’t Go” does move the party along to the one of the more stronger tracks, “Hot Rockin’.” But I’m not too sure about “Turning Circles” and “Desert Plains,” maybe another listen is due here. However, the most of the remainder of the album is quite good. I do like the guitars in  “Solar Angels” and “You Say Yes” would be a great song to sing along to when drinking heavily. I’m going to have to try it just to make sure. “All the Way” and “Troubleshooter” are decent songs too but I’m not too sure about the closer. A good closing song should make me feel uplifted and I can’t say that “On the Run” does that. Overall though, I think “Point of Entry” is a good album from Judas Priest and there are some of the famous trademark screams from Halford and the solid guitar work of Tipton and Downing. Maybe after the likes of the albums that precede and succeed it, the bar may have been set too high.

Track Listing:

1. Heading Out on the Highway

2. Don’t Go

3. Hot Rockin’

4. Turning Circles

5. Desert Plains

6. Solar Angels

7. You Say Yes

8. All the Way

9. Troubleshooter

10. On the Run

Judas Priest

Judas Priest

Rob Halford- vocals

Glen Tipton- guitar

KK Downing- guitar

Ian Hill- bass

Dave Holland- drums

 “Point of Entry” isn’t the terrible album made out to be. If I were grading it I might be tempted to say it wasn’t done at the best of the band’s ability and it doesn’t stand out from many of the great metal albums that came out in 1981, but it’s still good enough to be included among them.

Next post: Saxon- Denim and Leather, out of respect of not going to Bloodstock

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14 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1981: Judas Priest- Point of Entry”

  1. I agree. I think it’s a good album. I consider it “British Steel Lite” if you know what I mean.


  2. I’ve always enjoyed POE. There’s a couple of forgettable songs on it but a few classics as well. Heading Out to the Highway and Desert Plains are two of the best songs they ever did.


  3. Actually this is the first Priest record I ever purchased when it came out . Screaming….is my all time fav Priest but POE is right behind it. Sure it’s British Steel Lite but for me personally since it was my first Priest purchase it has stuck with me all these yrs later. I can listen to this album still front to back so yeah I guess u could say I’m a huge fan boy of this record!
    I know for some they were chasing perhaps airplay with more than a few tracks on here but man I dunno I just dig this record thru and thru….
    One of the few..hahaha
    Thanks for the review….


    • You’re very welcome. I think for most people, Screaming for Vengeance is the absolute favourite. They were probably going for a bit more airplay with POE and I’m glad that so many like yourself seem to like the album so much.


  4. Agreed. Good Review.

    Underrated album. Not my number 1 favorite but we’re talking about Judas Priest, most of their albums could be your favorite. I think this is kind of like Saxon’s Power & Glory… good, underrated, only looks bad because other Saxon albums are so good.


  5. Personally I think its an under looked album, maybe its because its sandwiched between British Steel and Screaming for Vengeance


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