Great Metal Albums of 1981: UFO- The Wild, The Willing and The Innocent


Like Riot, UFO were another band that I should have listened to back in the day but never did. While, Riot were always in my to do tray, UFO almost completely passed me by. I had heard of them but nothing more. It wasn’t until I came to Great Britain in 1986, that I finally listened to them thanks to a friend who had been listening to them for years. More unfortunate was the fact it wasn’t this damn fine 1981 album, “The Wild, The Willing and The Innocent” but due the the year, it was the material they had put out around the time.

Now that I have rectified that mistake, I feel slightly sick that this great album escaped my notice for so so many years. What’s not to like on it? The album starts with a very attention grabbing guitar riff and then blossoms into “Chains Chains,” a song that will be added to my ever growing list of great album opening tracks. “Long Gone” moves the album along very nicely and makes me want to bang my head (against a wall for missing out this album.) While some people may debate whether UFO should be considered “proper metal,” I must bring a little history into the debate. See, back then, even as early as 1981, there were some who were quick to label any music with a hard guitar riff, heavy metal and right or wrongly, UFO were put into the group. True, the next two tracks, I would consider to be more AOR sounding, but not really any less heavy. However, the three tracks after that, do stamp UFO’s heavy sound. I love how “Lonely Heart” where the combined title and intro sucks you in with the belief it’s going to be a ballad before ambushing you with some really heavy sounds and the guitar riffs in “Couldn’t Get it Right” are just sublime. The album finishes with a bit of irony. Any song called “Profession of Violence” would lead me to believe that it would play well to those in a mosh pit. Instead, it’s a very well played bluesy number with some impressive soloing. Well done lads, this album made a believer out of me.

Track Listing:

1. Chains Chains

2. Long Gone

3. The Wild, The Willing and The Innocent

4. It’s Killing Me

5. Making Moves

6. Lonely Heart

7. Couldn’t Get It Right

8. Profession of Violence



Phil Mogg- vocals

Paul Chapman- guitars

Neil Carter- keyboards, guitars, saxophone, vocals

Pete Way- bass

Andy Parker- drums

If like me, you let this album slip past you, do like me and listen to it straight away. If you do so on Youtube, you may have to search one track at a time but it’s worth it. “The Wild, The Willing and The Innocent” is a great album.

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17 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1981: UFO- The Wild, The Willing and The Innocent”

  1. Diane Brander Says:

    I’ll have to check this one out. I haven’t heard it. I like that Iron Maiden come on stage to Doctor Doctor by UFO 🙂


  2. Good on you for pointing out this overlooked classic. It’s a superb album. Profession of Violence is one of their best songs. I think a lot of people don’t bother with this period because it’s not Schenker on guitar but they should, it’s great stuff.


  3. Great to see some love for UFO ! My first purchase of there’s was 82s Mechanix and than shortly after I bought this one and man the title track and Chains Chains were standouts for me. Growing up in Canada it was hard to read about em as they were ignored mostly in the press except for Hit Parader and to find out any scoop about these guys I would have to,track down Kerrang to read about there shenanigans as they imploded a few years later.
    I know for people it’s the Schenker years but I perfer his early Msg stuff and for me I perfer the Chapman years.
    Great review …
    Cheers man!


    • Most people do prefer when Michael Schenker was in the group but this album makes me think they got along fine without him. They were ignored quite a bit, I mean I never took notice of them until 1986, which I regret. As for Hit Parader, I am convinced that Motley Crue had shares in the magazine as every issue seemed to have something about them. Cheers!


  4. Hey there! We’ve nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award because your blog is awesome!

    As stated in the post, you can participate or not, it’s entirely up to you. It’s just a pleasure for us to give a nod to all the awesome blogs we read!

    Cheers, Aaron and James of the KMA


  5. I have no UFO studio albums 😦


  6. For newbies to UFO start at Strangers In The Night…


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