Great Metal Albums of 1981: Motley Crue- Too Fast for Love


Back in 1981, I thought I did a great job keeping up with all the music that was going around at the time, especially considering the fact that I was a bit hampered by serving in the military back then. However, the more I explore this year in music, not only have a drawn the conclusion that 1981 was a killer year for music, I feel slightly sick at my discovery of how many great albums that went past me unnoticed, including this debut album from Motley Crue.

I did hear the album in retrospect after hearing the great follow up to it and I did like it then but hearing it again after such a long lay off, I like it even more. There are some killer jams laid down on this one. The first five songs on this album really get things going here. All of them can be metal classics so I find myself asking “Why aren’t they?” Maybe I will find the answer as I continue the journey through the golden age of heavy metal. Actually, I should say the first six songs because “Piece of the Action” was quite a good belter as well. Again, I don’t take anything away from the rest of the album as they too are decent songs and the title track quite rightly can stand along side the first six. What I conclude was that in 1981, Motley Crue were definitely hungry and that hunger shown in the intensity of “Too Fast For Love.”

Another issue from listening to the album has also surfaced here. I now offer an official apology to Crue guitarist Mick Mars. See, I always had him written down as the worst guitarist in metal but now I withdraw that branding from Mick. Getting things in perspective, I am not going the other way and start comparing him with the likes of Van Halen, Nugent, Rhodes or even Iommi, but “Too Fast For Love,” proves to me that he’s not as bad as I first figured. Mick, if you’re reading this, my most humble apologies.

Track Listing:

1. Live Wire

2. Come and Dance

3. Public Enemy #1

4. Merry Go Round

5. Take Me to the Top

6. Piece of the Action

7. Starry Eyes

8. Too Fast for Love

9. On With the Sh0w

Motley Crue

Motley Crue

Vince Neil- vocals

Nikki Sixx- bass

Mick Mars- guitars

Tommy Lee- drums

“Too Fast For Love” shows Motley Crue at a time when they were hungry and just wanted to create some good in your face heavy metal. As we will see further on down the line, something changed but we can leave that til another day. In the mean time, lets celebrate what has become for me, one of the biggest surprise albums from 1981.

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32 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1981: Motley Crue- Too Fast for Love”

  1. The one thing I always heard about Crue before I checked them out was how GOOD a guitarist Mars was. How influential, and interesting and impressive.
    Well, I guess they say that about Tommy’s drumming too. But one of the two things I heard was Mick=Good.

    Must be because the tide changed after The Dirt was released, becuase that’s the first time I heard of them (due to being too young).

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    • I now wonder if his playing slipped a little during the “Theatre of Pain” and “Girls Girls Girls” albums. I was a little older by then and had heard many of the mainstay great guitarists so I had something different to compare him to. However, even then, he was a guitar god to thirteen year old boys.


    • I’ll tell you something — I started paying attention to Mick seriously when Steve Vai began praising him. When Steve Vai talks about guitarists he likes, I pay attention!

      I think Mick really shone on the 94 album. That was HIS album as much as anyone’s, and it was great.


  2. Always liked the idea of MC better than the music – a three or four song band for me I’m afraid! Nice outfits though!

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  3. I think this and Shout at the Devil are probably my Crue faves. It’s cool that your investigation of these years is throwing up some exciting discoveries and rediscoveries!


  4. Oh Mr. 80’s metal man you have made this Crüe fans day!!!! Yes 1981 was a life changing year for me. As this little Canadian girl discovered Motley Crüe. I was only 8 years old and my heart thumped along to the beat of Tommy Lee’s drum, my hips gyrated to the sound of Mick Mars guitar solos and my body lost control with the head banging worthy bass playing of Nikki Six. Then that powerful vocal of liquid gold from Vince Neil sent me into the stratosphere as my heart exploded like fireworks. I have lived and breathed their music ever since. Thank you for this fantastic blog. 😃

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  5. Great review and nice words about Mick. I know what you mean. I didn’t appreciate Mick until the 90’s really.

    Like you I first heard Shout, but this is my favourite. It’s just nuclear.


  6. Cool review Mr 80s! This along with Motley Corabi I would say are there two best !


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