Great Metal Albums of 1982: April Wine- Power Play


When I returned from my second tour of the Mediterranean in the summer of 1982, I was quite excited to discover that April Wine had put out a new album. After all, their 1981 album “Nature of the Beast” was one of the albums that made that year for me. Therefore, it was logical for me to conclude that “Power Play” was going to be just as kick ass. Unfortunately, it wasn’t but the band should not hang their head in shame because the album didn’t make me want to remove it from the turntable and throw it directly in the bin. It really is a decent album.

First, let me get the obvious compare and contrast between “Power Play” and “Nature of the Beast” over and done with straight away. The main issue here is that with the previous album, April Wine recorded a power ballad that set the bar for all power ballads ever since. Expecting them to create another one as mind blowing as “Just Between You and Me” is asking them to make tea in a chocolate kettle. “Enough is Enough,” “What if We Fall in Love” and “Tell Me Why” don’t come close to touching the bar but on the other hand, I didn’t find myself wanting to hit the fast forward button when those songs came on. With hindsight, that could be the problem with this album. Maybe the band was too engrossed in writing another kick ass power ballad, that it detracted from the rest of the album.

When they weren’t focusing on power ballads, the rest of the album is pretty good. I love the opener, “Anything You Want, You Got It.” When I first heard it back then and even now, I think that this is a great start to what I hoped would be a great album. The song really does rock. Furthermore, I like the guitar work on “Waiting on a Miracle.” It proves that April Wine still had a trick or two up their metal sleeves. I can say the same for “Doing it Right,” another really good rocking song. Those three songs redeem the album for me.

Now let’s go to what some called the “ostrich in the room.” Yes, I mean the song “If You See Kay” and yes I know, everyone sees the innuendo here. I too, admit that I thought the song was going to be a shitty song disguised by an amusing sounding name but I have to admit, it’s not that bad. The down side to it is I think that the band wasn’t sure whether to make it a power ballad or a rocker, it kind of lingers in between both nor is there anything rude about the lyrics. It’s just about a girl named Kay.

Track Listing:

1. Anything You Want, You Got It

2. Enough is Enough

3. If You See Kay

4. What if We Fall in Love

5. Waiting for a Miracle

6. Doing it Right

7. Ain’t Got Your Love

8. Blood Money

9. Tell Me Why

10. Runners in the Night

April Wine

April Wine

Myles Goodwin- vocals, guitars, keyboards

Gary Moffet- guitars, backing vocals

Steve Lang- bass, backing vocals

Brian Greenway- vocals, guitars

Jerry Mercer- drums

The fact that “Power Play” didn’t live up to the expectations set by its predecessor made some of the less informed at the time dismiss them as one album wonders. They obviously never to listened to the early albums. I did and I can say how good they were. However, like I said, while the album isn’t as good as the previous, it’s still a pretty good album and it was a good one to come home to.

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  1. These guys completely passed me by, I’ll investigate.


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