My Concert Superstition

I thought I’d sneak one more in before I head off to Bloodstock on Friday. Are you a superstitious person? Normally, I’m not but I do have one that relates to music. Friends have found this weird and even frustrating at times but I have always had this one superstition about concerts. It is that when travelling to a concert, it is bad luck to listen to any of the acts you are going to see that night. My logic being that it would somehow detract from the live show. I don’t know where this idea came from but it’s firmly in my head even though it was disproven once when I went to see the Stormtroopers of Death and a friend put them on in the car on the way. My logic to why it didn’t ruin the night was the fact I hadn’t even heard of them until that day. Strange isn’t it? Although I have no problem with listening to any of the artists seen on the night on the journey home. That is why I told my stepson that we will listen to his Sabaton CD on the way home instead of the way up.

That’s my metal superstition, do any of you have any?

6 Responses to “My Concert Superstition”

  1. Maybe we jinxed Queensryche by playing the tape in the car before the show. Don’t get me wrong the show was great. But it was the final night of the tour and they stopped making decent albums after that….


  2. I’m the same! I never listen to a band on the day of a show.


  3. Absolutely!
    I am exactly the same. I remember being really surprised once when I joined some people to see GamaBomb live and they played their album on repeat on the way there… I’ve always almost avoided bands prior to seeing their concerts.
    I’ve got less strict in recent years, but this post I really identify with.


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