Call to Metalheads to Support Our Brothers in Iran

I have just read something online which is very disturbing. The Iranian heavy metal band has been arrested in their country for playing heavy metal music. If convicted they could face up to six years in prison or even death if found guilty of violating blasphemy laws. FFI- click the link below:

Iranian Musicians Jailed, Facing Possible Execution For Playing Metal



Now both on this blog and in “Rock And Roll Children,” I have been critical of and made jokes about the Jesus freaks who condemn heavy metal and will continue to do so. Just wait til I get to 1986, I’ll be having a field day. However, in the West, metalheads have never been faced with arrest or execution for simply playing or listening to the music we enjoy so much. What we are witnessing here is complete intolerance by an impressive regime, forbidding their people to broaden their horizons or experience new things. Heavy metal give plenty of opportunity for both. Therefore, I urge everyone to start petitions, contact Amnesty International or do anything else to support Confess and prevent them from going to jail for merely playing the music they love so much. In the meantime, we can support them by buying their records or listening to them on Youtube.

Thank you




14 Responses to “Call to Metalheads to Support Our Brothers in Iran”

  1. Thanks for posting. I have seen this band’s picture around but didn’t know the details.

    It’s a shame that when you get the extreme ends of religion, it’s turns into “destroy everything we consider evil”. Whatever happened to peace and love?

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  2. Thank you so much for posting. Unfortunately in Iran even people that might be opposed to this might fear reprisal for trying to stop this atrocity.
    I am so glad most of us live in a society that allows freedom of choice in music.


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