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Why do people bully?

I had never thought that I would be asking this question again to myself at this point of life. After those school and college days, when the answer to this question had alluded me and kept me awake, I had finally made peace with myself that this question will never haunt me. But had I only known, how wrong could I be.
These people never change as normally it is shown in movies , that with age understanding comes. These predators are always in the hunt for their new victims. In every walk of life be it your home, school, college or workplace, they just suck out all the oxygen in the room. Making you die a little bit everyday, a never-ending slow and painful torture.

But now I have to find an answer. It is now eating me day in and day out, to understand…

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8 Responses to “Why?”

  1. I commented on the original post. Thanks for sharing this.


    • You’re welcome though I meant to share it on my Peaceful Rampage blog. Still, it gets the point across.


      • Peaceful Rampage… I like that name. I didn’t even know you had another blog!


      • Yes, while 80smetalman was established to promote my first book, “Rock and Roll Children,” Peaceful Rampage was established for my second book, “He Was Weird.” I thought it was a good name too, thanks.


      • I stand in awe of your writing books. I love the idea, and then get too daunted by the enormity of it! Kudos to you!


      • Thank you.It can be daunting but once you get into it, it can be quite fun. Saying that, I am having great difficulty motivating myself to write a third book. Maybe this is the lift I need.


      • Funny, I’m all about the GIVE ‘ER, most of the time, but the thought of writing an actual book-length work always daunted me. Hm. Maybe we can motivate each other, you write yours, I’ll come to grips with the idea of writing mine! đŸ˜‰ If I can be the lift that helps get you there in your writing, I’m all for it! Go man go!


      • That’s a deal!


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