Your Opinion: Would It Have Been Cool if HSAS Continued After One Album?


Thinking more about my previous post on the only album from HSAS, I continue to speculate what would it have been like if they didn’t stop at one album. In the last post, I put forward the historical evidence that Journey went completely downhill and that Sammy went onto join Van Halen and received a lot of unfair criticism for it. My feelings are that they would have gone on to make at least two more killer albums before any super group egos began to get in the way. Hopefully, I might be wrong there. So, what I’m doing is putting the question out there to the cosmos. Would any of you liked to have heard more albums from HSAS and gone to see them live? Let me know your opinions and don’t be shy! I will look at both sides of the argument with equal eyes.

Now, in two days I’ll be off to Download and have come to an interesting situation. It was my intention that on the Sunday, I was going to see the top four bands on the main stage so I can get a good position for Aerosmith. Having not seen them since 1990, I was prepared to give Slayer who are headlining on the second stage a miss. Particularly because I have seen them at Bloodstock twice in the past three years. However, Slayer will be on before Aerosmith so I do have the chance to see them. To throw a further spanner in the works, I really want to see Airbourne and Steel Panther who are on the main stage before Slayer but had not heard of the band between Steel Panther and Aerosmith, Alter Bridge, who are on when Slayer goes on. I know that I can easily move stages but I fear I won’t get a good place for Aerosmith if I do. Furthermore, I have familiarized myself with Alter Bridge and am very impressed with what I heard. So, I’m tempted to stay and see them. What would you do?







17 Responses to “Your Opinion: Would It Have Been Cool if HSAS Continued After One Album?”

  1. Regarding HSAS, I think a second album would have been killer. Sammy is so prolific they easily could be done another in my opinion

    Regarding your quandary, I dunno!!

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  2. First. Stay on see Alter Bridge. Three of the members were from Creed. However, don’t let that sway you. They are good musicians. Thr lead singer is Myles Kennedy. His voice is completely awesome. His range is amazing.
    I think he’ll be great live.
    If you like Slash’s solo albums you will like Myles since he is usually the lead singer in that band as well.
    On a side note, I saw Aerosmith in the early 90’s and the show sucked. They seemed not so enthused, the sound was awful, and the girl behind was screaming high pitched the entire concert. I would like to see Aerosmith once more to hopefully get a better experience.

    As for HSAS, I am a Van Halen fan. I like both Sammy and Dave. Dave a little more but I did enjoy Sammy. I saw them in 1986 and they did put on a great show. So if HSAS had continied, there would have been no 5150 album. So for that reason only I will vote no to another HSAS album.
    If I could have my cake and eat it too (both HSAS and 5150), thrn I say yes to more HSAS.
    However, I can only assume Eddie would have vetoed that one. He seems like a tad bit of a control freak.

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    • The last big outdoor concert I went to sucked.
      The security made everyone line up in a huge line that separated the stages.
      I had the conundrum of different acts and multiple stages.
      They asked everyone for id, check bags, pat down, even though we were already inside thr big complex. We showed id, pat down and bags checked at front. Why again inside?
      It took a long time so I just stayed where I was after that.
      People were all pissed off.
      Hopefully, you have a better experience.

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    • I will stay on and see Alter Bridge. My first time seeing Aerosmith was in 1986 in Philadelphia. They hadn’t fully forgiven Philly for the bottle incident back in 79 (FFI Read my post for the Night in the Ruts album)so they seemed to be holding back and determined not to give their best efforts. The second time I saw them was in 1990 at the Donnington Festival and they were really good. They were the band I listened to all through high school so I thought I’d see them one more time before we all retire.
      I think that if it wasn’t Sammy, whoever Eddie Van Halen got to replace Dave, there still would have been a 5150. It just wouldn’t have sounded like we know it.
      Fortunately, in the UK, the security aren’t Gestapo officers, at least not at Bloodstock so I’m hoping that will be the case at Download. However, because of the recent terrorist attacks here, I do expect security to be a little tighter.

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    • I had no idea those dudes were in Creed! Sheeeit!

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  3. Before Sam went to Halen yeah for sure. These guys made a super group before the word Supergroup became common!
    Like I said the other day Schon is on fire here than his guitar got doused with water and recorded that sappy Journey Raised On Radio….

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  4. I’d say catch a bit of yon Bridge fellas and maybe move in plenty time to navigate the crowd for a prime Aerosmith spot?

    As for HSAS, if it meant more DLR Van Halen for me to explore I’d say it would have been perfect if they’d stayed together.

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