Triumphs and Other Happenings in 1984


Evidence that heavy metal had truly established itself in 1984 can be sited with the 1984 Monsters of Rock Festival at Donington Park, in England. This was the first and probably only Donington to feature seven artists and you can only look at the poster here, see which bands played on draw your own conclusions as to whether or not it was a kick ass day. I wasn’t there but I know people who were and they can confirm it. The only negative comment I heard about the day was that Motley Crue had bottles thrown at them for making too many comments about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Something an opening band should probably not do. Anyway, to see Ozzy, Van Halen and AD/DC all on one stage must have been mind blowing.

I must apologize for Youtube not having any individual songs recorded from this memorable day.

Cyndi Lauper

You are probably asking yourself, “What is she doing here on an 80smetalman’s post?” Well, some misguided individuals thought that Cyndi Lauper had replaced Joan Jett or Pat Benatar as the Queen of Rock in 1984. Nonsense, I say. I will never recognize Cyndi Lauper as such and will go to my grave stating that fact. Yes, I liked “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” the very first time I heard it but afterwards, I wanted to take an Uzi to the television every time the video came on MTV. The only song from of hers I nearly liked since was “Money Changes Everything” and a few years later, grew to like “I Drove All Night” a little.

So, why is she here you ask. Back when I posted about my weekend at Download, where I went to see wrestling, I mentioned that the Rock and Wrestling Connection began in 1984 and it began with Cyndi. At the time, wrestling manager, Captain Lou Albano, claimed she managed Cyndi Lauper on wrestling shows. Cyndi refuted that claim and without going into great details, she made a challenge to Captain Lou that she could manage a wrestler better than him. So, while Lou took Women’s World Champion The Fabulous Moolah under his wing, Cyndi managed challenger Wendi Richter. I’ll leave  you to watch the video to see who won but the Rock and Wrestling Connection started here.

There was a tragedy too in 1984 but that happened at the very end of the year, so I’m saving it for the end of the 1984 tour. So here, let us reflect on the happy times with all the great heavy metal and some wrestling too.

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19 Responses to “Triumphs and Other Happenings in 1984”

  1. I read the post title and thought there would be something about the band Triumph. Darn it.
    I wish I could go back in time and see the original Van Halen.
    I’ve seen almost all of those bands (except Gary Moore) but not together of course.
    It seems weird to me that Tommy Vance is listed on the poster.

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  2. I remember reading about this lineup in Kerrang and the first thing that I thought of was the Guitar Fire power that was on this bill.
    I started listening to Moore around this time as well as he was opening for Rush so I knew they weren’t going to take a subpar act…We Want Moore was played lots that year!
    Also I was listening to all these acts as well at the time so it boggled my young mind on how good this lineup looked!

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  3. I think I know what the 1984 tragedy is.

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  4. What a line up!!

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  5. I was a bit too young to go but my older friends did, and they came back with t-shirts and the full bragging rights. I mean, what a line up! Was so gutted I couldn’t go as I was listening to all these bands at the time including Y&T and Accept. Tommy Vance was our radio hero and we religiously listened to his Friday Night Rock Show which along with Kerrang! and NME were our go-to sources for rock and metal info. That and visiting the record shops and asking them to play new albums for us. Happy days!

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    • They were the lucky ones. I was on the other side of the Atlantic at this time. They do seem like happy days and history has seemed to cut Tommy Vance out. He was the man who kept rock and metal out there for us. Maybe he should be knighted.

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