80sMetalman’s Band of Underrated Musicians

Since tomorrow is my first day of supply (substitute) teaching in the new school year, I thought I’d get a bit of practice in by giving all of you an assignment. Hopefully, you’ll find it as fun as I did although there was a struggle in the area of female lead vocalist. I had to go on Youtube and listen to songs by both ladies before I finally made a choice and that was tough. The choice, I’m talking about not listening to their music. That bit was fun.

Now to the assignment, for nearly the entire life of 80smetalman, I have been banging on about musicians whose talents have been ignored or grossly underrated. So, with my weird and wonderful mind, I thought I would take the ones who I feel were the most underrated and put them together in a band of my own. The theory is that with all that combined under appreciated talent, they would come together and form an awesome band. I think the ones I have chosen, though a few may be deemed controversial, would fill the bill. So, here’s the 80smetalman Under Appreciated Band!

Danny Vaughn- male lead vocals

You know him from Tyketto and Waysted and his own band, Vaughn but I think that Danny Vaughn has never gotten the accolades he so deserves as a lead singer. He’s got a great voice, end of.

Liv Kristine- female lead vocals

When I saw her band, Leaves Eyes, at Bloodstock, 2010, I was totally captivated by the vocals of Liv Kristine. Hailing from Norway, she has a beautiful operatic voice that is just mindblowingly seductive.

Derry Grehan- guitar

I sang Derry’s praises not too long ago when I visited Honeymoon Suite’s first album. I was and still am very impressed by his guitar playing. I talk about underrated guitarists a lot on here but Derry Grehan really is.

Frenzy Phillipon- guitar

You might remember, I came upon this French fingerboard smoker nearly a year ago when I saw his band, Mystery Blue, support Canadian greats, Anvil. His band hasn’t made the big time but boy can he play that guitar.

Dom Lawson- bass

Another amazing discovery from Bloodstock, this time it was 2015. It was then I saw Dom Lawson, in his band Oaf, shred a bass like no one ever has before or since.

John Galvin- keyboards

It was another difficult choice picking a keyboards player. Originally, I was going to go with Claude Schnell of Dio fame but then when I listened to the 1984 Molly Hatchet album, “The Deed is Done” after so many years, I have come to really like John Galvin’s keyboards skills on the album. Southern Rock bands didn’t do much with keyboards but John really shines when given the chance.

Gina Schock- drums

I know this one will seem controversial to some but I am picking former Go Go’s drummer Gina Schock for my band. I think one of the reasons she is underrated as a drummer is because she’s female but I think she’s really good as well.

Well, there’s my band. Now, I want you all to go back, listen to your albums, have a good think and put together your own bands of underrated musicians. Trust me, it will be a fun assignment.

Next post: The Rise of Christian Rock

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43 Responses to “80sMetalman’s Band of Underrated Musicians”

  1. I like your band of underrated musicians! I especially like the controversial GoGos former drummer.
    Great assignment too! I’ll see if I can come up with something….

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  2. I hate homework, but this sounds like fun. BTW…Danny Vaughn…GREAT CHOICE!!

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  3. MAN! What a great list! And way to go on the diversity. And kudos on Derry Grehan…I forgot you were a fan.

    Again, nice work.

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  4. Dan Baird-Lead Vocals/Guitar
    Nasty Suicide-Rhthym Guitar
    Andy Curran-Bass
    Jimmy Chamberlain-Drums
    Marc Ford-Lead Guitar

    I cheated and went with a second and third guitarist and rubbed out the keys…if I had to go with a Keyboard dude it would be Neil Carter(UFO and Gary Moore)

    Cool post!

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  5. I’ll just pick the blokes who used to be in Heart for mine, whoever they were.

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  6. Well, I don’t know about underrated but the names aren’t top of mind…
    Vocals – Imperial Drag singer
    Guitars/Bass – the guys currently touring with Bob Dylan
    Drummer – Pat Benatar’s drummer
    Horns – Huey Lewis’ horn section
    Songwriting – Tom Petty… I realize he’s a household name but he’s not widely recognized as a great songwriter

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  7. I thought I’d share my sister’s lineup. She posted it on Facebook so I’ll transfer it here.
    Vocals- Tony Harnell (TNT and Westworld) Zack Stevens (Savatage)
    Guitar- Chris DeGamo. She states that Queensryche hasn’t been the same after he left.
    Guitar- Orianthi
    Bass- Rayna Foss- (Coal Chamber)
    Drums- Roxy Petrucci- (Vixen)

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  8. Great idea for a post… I’m giving this some thought…

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  9. My weird mind playing tricks again but I’ve just had a thought. If 80smetalman’s Band of Underrated Musicians were to put out an album, there would have to be a token ballad. This is not a bad thing because I think that Liv Kristine and Danny Vaughn could sing it as a duet and they would not only pull it off, it would be colossal, even a possible number one hit.


  10. IMO, in their heyday, the Moody Blues were incomparable musicians

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