The Rise of Christian Rock

Normally, I don’t write three posts in a week unless in exceptional circumstances which this is. Nothing major, I’m just going to be in Blackpool for the weekend and working a lot next week so I won’t be able to post again until next Friday. However, this doesn’t excuse any of you from your homework assignment from the last post. Only kidding.

1984 was the golden year of heavy metal but it also saw a huge rise in the interest in what has become known as ‘Christian Rock.’ With the onslaught of accusations of rock music being Satanic, Christian youth needed something they could listen to without their beliefs being affected. What emerged was a large number of bands and artists who were Born Again Christians and wanted to use music to spread their word and entertain the flock. I remember back in 1984 a lot of bands of this nature coming on the scene. In fact, early Sunday mornings, my local radio station had a four hour slot called TCN Hot Rock, where they would play music from Christian groups. When I did listen to it, I immediately dismissed the false belief that Christian bands were second rate musicians who were only using religion as a gimmick because they weren’t good enough to make it mainstream. Really, some people actually thought that. No these people could really wail and the music was very good and to shoot down another myth, not all the songs were in your face about Jesus.

You’d be surprised how many bands there are who are considered Christian Rock, even some of those who were popular among us heathens. Did you know that three of the four members of U2 were Born Again Christians? Adam Clayton is the only non believer in the band. Needless to say, their music got a lot of air play on TCN. As did another band who I featured here not too long ago, The Alarm. Other artists also came onto my radar thanks to this radio programme, including former Kansas star, Kerry Livgren. I’ll be featuring his album two posts from now. There was Mylon LeFevre, (no relation), Petra, the Daniel Band and it was here that I got my introduction to some heavy metal band called Styper. You might have heard of them.

The Alarm


I remember one song getting a lot of airplay on TCN Hot Rock during the summer of 1984 so I thought, I would share it with you. It’s by Steve Taylor and it’s called “We Don’t Need No Color Code.” The song actually is a rant against a supposedly Christian College in the South who was accused of racist practices.

Like with everything to do with religion, the concept of Christian Rock is great. Like I said on other blogs, I can listen to Stryper and Mercyful Fate in the same sitting. There are some pretty amazing musicians who are Born Again Christians and I think that’s cool. However, like with everything else, people mess it up and make it look bad. The rise of Christian Rock gave rise to the arrogance in the attitudes of those who listened to it. Some would take this to extremes and if you’ve read “Rock And Roll Children,” (shameless plug), you’ll know what I mean.

Next post: Originally, I was going to put a song by the Daniel Band on this post but when I listened to their 1984 album, “Rush Out of the Darkness,” I was so impressed that I’m going to make it my next post.

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13 Responses to “The Rise of Christian Rock”

  1. “false belief that Christian bands were second rate musicians who were only using religion as a gimmick because they weren’t good enough to make it mainstream”

    Here here! And you know who says that the most often? CHRISTIANS! Christians seem to hate Stryper because they were mainstream.

    Once I had an argument with a guy at school. He said Slaughter was satanic. I said he was confusing them with Slayer. I said Slaughter had a song called “Fly to the ANgels” so they were clearly not satanic. And he said, “Ah, but demos ARE fallen angels, so they are satanic.” I can’t win!

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  2. I had no idea The Alarm were somewhat considered a christian band. I never knew that or had ever thought that. I guess I need to listen to their stuff a little more intently next time.

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    • I was surprised to hear that at the time. I mean there’s nothing about “68 Guns” that screams religion to me. However, not only did they get played on that Christian rock show quite a bit, they even had Mike Peters do a station advert! So, I guess The Alarm were a Christian Rock band.


  3. I was totally aware of U2 being considered a Christian band. When I was a tween going to Bible Camp in the summer I got to cut my teeth on U2. They were about the only popular “Christian” band we could listen to there. All other mainstream music was considered too secular.

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  4. I’ll admit I’ve never been into Christian rock, but I should give it a chance. “Christian” anything becomes catchy in music it seems. lol 😉

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