Can’t Believe I Missed This One

I’m surprised that no one has pulled me up on this, missing what was for me, the zainiest film of 1984. I’m talking about the very first Police Academy film! It is true that usually the original film in a series is the best and and that is certainly the case here. I laughed my butt off from start to finish.


The graduates from the first Police Academy.

I always like Tackleberry best.

Here’s Tackleberry







7 Responses to “Can’t Believe I Missed This One”

  1. LOVED this movie! πŸ™‚

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  2. Police Academy!! One of my favourites… I used to own the first 2 on the same VHS (taped from TV) and I wore that tape out… amazing!

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  3. Ohhh we loved this, as kids. I haven’t seen it in all these years, though. So it’d probably be a case where I still know all the lines and what happens next, but would I think it stood up? Hm. I should try to find out. Thanks!

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