Great Rock Albums of 1984: Ratt- Out of the Cellar

Here’s a scene from “Rock and Roll Children.” One night, after unsuccessfully trying to get into bars, the four main characters decide to head to one of the group’s houses. While driving with the radio on, some power chords come blasting through the car’s speakers. Intently listening to whoever the mysterious artist is playing, these words coming ringing true.

“I knew right from the beginning

That you would end up winning,

I knew right from the start,

You’d put an arrow through my heart.”

The big single “Round and Round” brought Ratt into the homes of many Americans in the summer of 1984, with it being constantly played on radio and MTV. I can’t deny the fact that it is most likely my favourite Ratt song of all time although there are a couple of others that might come close. I can’t explain why this song is so good, not just to metalheads but many non-metalheads liked it too. That’s why it got to number 12 on the Billboard charts.

Like the big hit, one thing that many of the songs on Ratt’s debut album, “Out of the Cellar” have catchy intros that make your ears perk up and pay attention. True, some of the songs trail off a bit and end not as exciting as they begin but there isn’t a bad song on the album. Saying that, except for “Round and Round” the second half of the album is better than the first. It’s probably why the said single was put third on the album. A kind of high point on a more level ground. Furthermore and this is me totally nit picking here, I would have swapped “She Wants Money” as the opener and “Wanted Man” would have been fifth. The latter is a good song, I just think the former would have made a better opener.

Having heard “Out of the Cellar” on vinyl, flipping to side two, one is greeted with a great side opener in “Lack of Communication.” This song opens the doorway for the best to come. “Back For More” was the second single on the album and I liked it more than what the charts indicated. I think it only got to 27 but that never bothered me because it is a cool song. The acoustic intro makes a great change up to the album and I can’t fault Warren DeMartini’s guitar playing on it or on any song actually. However, after single number two comes the hidden gem on the album and the one to rival “Round and Round” for my affections. “The Morning After” is just a fantastic song. I love all the tempo changes in the guitars on it and how they kick in big time on the chorus. It’s hard to describe in words but even thirty three years on, I still don’t tire of this song. Shit, maybe I should call it number one.

The last two tracks are strong and solid ones. I sometimes wonder if “I’m Insane” applies to me. After all, I feel that way sometimes. “Scene of the Crime” isn’t the greatest album closer in history but it is probably the best song to close the album, especially with the intro.

Track Listing:

  1. Wanted Man
  2. You’re In Trouble
  3. Round and Round
  4. In Your Direction
  5. She Wants Money
  6. Lack of Communication
  7. Back for More
  8. The Morning After
  9. I’m Insane
  10. Scene of the Crime


Stephen Pearcy- vocals

Warren De Martini- guitar, backing vocals

Robbin Crosby- guitar, backing vocals

Juan Crocier- bass, backing vocals

Bobby Blotzer- drums, percussion

When people talk of the metal explosion of 1984, Ratt always gets a mention. Though many would accuse them of being too much the same on later albums, there is no debate that “Out of the Cellar” album was something fresh, at least to me.

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15 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1984: Ratt- Out of the Cellar”

  1. Great review. I like your idea of switching the opening song. That would have been a good opener. On my agenda for 2018 is to review ALL their albums starting with the E.P. This review has gotten me excited to start that project.

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  2. RATT to me were one of the better bands to come out of the 80’s. I found there albums more consistent than the Crue’s but 30 years ago I was thinking the exact opposite as I bought into the visual aspect of Motley!
    Funny how time changes one’s perception in my case it’s mine ….
    Ratt had a great run right until 1990….
    Dokken is another one that had a great run but Lynch and Dokken being Bitches ruined there shot to mega ness…..

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    • I agree on all points! Ratt had a better run of consistency back then than did Motley Crue. I went off Crue after “Theater of Pain.” You’re also spot on about Dokken. If Lynch and Dokken hadn’t been such bitches, they could have achieved great things.


  3. I also like the song “Round and Round”. You’ve got me thinking I should listen to the album!

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  4. So glad you featured this. A great album. I also had the EP ‘Ratt’ that came out the year before, which had a couple of the same songs on it and some nice bass on ‘You Think You’re Tough’. Was a much rougher production overall I recall. Wish I still had it as it was a good EP. I saw Ratt supporting Ozzy in Birmingham UK ’86, a bonus to see Ratt as well Ozzy 🙂

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    • Like I said above, I regret not posting about that EP, it was good. I could have never in a million years gone through 1984 and not have mentioned this album. I would have lynched myself. Ratt with Ozzy was cool from what I heard. When I saw them in 1985 in the US, they were already headlining and Bon Jovi was the support act!

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  5. Lots of love for The Morning After!

    I remember getting this album and wondering why You Think You’re Tough wasn’t on it! I didn’t know.

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