Rest in Peace Warrel Dane

NEVERMORE & SANCTUARY Frontman Warrel Dane Dead At 48”

When you thought 2017 couldn’t suck any more, we lose another great metal man. Warrel Dane, lead singer for both Nevermore and Sanctuary died of a heart attack on the 13th in San Paulo, Brazil. He was 48. Admittedly, I never listened to much Nevermore but I was a big fan of Sanctuary loving both their albums “Refuge Denied” and my personal favourite, “Into the Mirror Black.”

It was always my intention that when 80smetalman reaches the end, my final quote would be lyrics from my favourite song from my favourite album. Warrel’s death makes it more important, I do this. When I read about it, I found myself regretting the fact I couldn’t get to Bloodstock, 2014 and see Sanctuary perform. Rest in Peace, Warrell.

9 Responses to “Rest in Peace Warrel Dane”

  1. It seems like there’s been little respite from news like this this year.

    Not aware of this guy’s stuff, but that’s a shocker. Way too young.

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    • I only know of his Sanctuary material. My sister saw them with Warlock and Megadeath in 1988. God, I’m jealous. She says that Warrel’s voice had the power of Bruce Dickinson and the range of Geoff Tate. That sounds like a very good voice to me.

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  2. Really shocked by this. Very sad news… waayy too young.

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