R.I.P. Fast Eddie Clarke

Fast Eddie Clarke wailing away

I was hoping, I was nearly praying that in 2018, we would get a reprieve on rockers great and small departing this Earth. It seems it’s not going to be the case this year either. First, there was legendary record producer Rick Hall and I’ve just found out that Baby Metal guitarist Mikio Fujioka died on Jan 5 by falling off a balcony while stargazing. Now we lose Motorhead’s great guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke who died of pneumonia.

It would only be repeating others if I went on about what a great guitarist Fast Eddie was. He made up one third of the great Motorhead and contributed greatly to their early success. Eddie’s death now means that we have an entire band passing on in the last two and a half years. Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor and the great Lemmy himself both died in 2015.

Motorhead- all now wreaking pandemonium in a better place

All that there is left to say is R.I.P. Fast Eddie Clarke and put on a song in his memory.

16 Responses to “R.I.P. Fast Eddie Clarke”

  1. Sad all around..

    I never knew about Rick Hall or Mikio.

    Most metal fans consider Babymetal a joke, but that dude could reallllllly shred.

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  2. I’ve had a drink and listened to quite a bit of Motörhead this evening. The whole band form the classic line up (the golden trio) Gone. As my mate Gaz put it “they’re with the Ramones now”

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  3. Really sad.

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