A New Metal Discovery- Slave to Sirens

“Oh my God,” you’re all probably thinking. Is 80smetalman on speed or has he lost one of his jobs? Neither, hwile I admit it is a rarity that I make three posts in as many days. Actually it will be four in four as I intend to write my Whitesnake post tomorrow but this is something I must post about. While originally created to take readers through the history of 1980’s heavy metal and sell “Rock and Roll Children,” I have expanded to reporting on festivals, concerts and to alert people of new metal acts that people might be interested in hearing about. Cue Black Emerald and Hannah Wicklund and the Steppin Stones but this morning I have, thanks to Google Alerts, been led to another cool metal band, Slave to Sirens.

                                                Slave to Sirens

As you can see from the photo, Slave to Sirens are and all female band and that’s important in light of yesterday’s post. I am on a campaign to stamp out sexism in metal, there’s no need for it. However, being all female isn’t the most interesting part about this band, what is more interesting is the fact that they hail from Lebanon. This is a country that has been experiencing its an East-West clash for several decades and has had problems with Islamic Extremists. So, for these girls to play metal and even daring to wear Western style clothing is a testament to the guts these ladies possess. Furthermore, I think that they display these guts in their music. I’ve listened to their four song demo, which I will share at the bottom of the page.

Slave to Sirens is:

Shery Bachara- lead guitar

Tatyana Boughara- drums

Alma Douhmani- bass

Maya Khairallah- lead vocals

Lilas Mayassi- rhythm guitar

Don’t expect any love songs here, just straight forward fast, speed metal. They cement my belief that heavy metal is for all people regardless of race, gender or culture. I think these five ladies would agree with that.

Track Listing:

Terminal Leeches


Slave to Sirens

Congenital Evil


Listen and enjoy!


16 Responses to “A New Metal Discovery- Slave to Sirens”

  1. Fantastic! All hail!

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  2. Right on! Thanks for the focus on this band. I love hearing about any kind of metal coming out of that corner of the planet. It only makes it better that they’re metal maidens. Fuck.Yes. 🤘

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    • I too love hearing about metal bands in the Middle East, especially as some of them risk death for playing the music they love. These girls are definitely the real deal. I would love for them to release an album.

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      • Thank you so much for the amazing support!! we really appreciate it so cheers \\V// . we are currently working on a full length album and competing in Wacken battle Lebanon on April 27, check our page here for more news and info about us : https://www.facebook.com/Slavetosirens/

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      • You’re very welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my blog and comment on it. I wish you all the success for Wacken and I have put your band down on the Wishlist for this year’s Bloodstock Festival in England. Please let me know when your album is out and I will do a piece on it here.


  3. Thanks for posting Man. They sound great

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  4. I quite liked that, but it’s not something I would generally listen to. As much as I liked the music, I’m never into that kind of vocal styling.

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    • It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you can’t fault their playing.

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      • Not at all, no… musically it had me. That’s generally my difficulty with a lot of metal bands that go down that vocal route… I can listen to a couple of songs, but I’m unlikely to last an album or revisit. But, I can still recognise that they’re very good at what they do! Very good.

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      • I used to find that frustrating, when there’s a good band playing and the lead singer isn’t as good. This singer just has that type of vocal style, I don’t think my sister would be that impressed with the vocals either.

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  5. Btw “wearing western clothes” in Lebanon isn’t a big deal, Lebanon is a multicultural Arabic country colored by western influences so if you do a research on this you will be surprised how open minded people here can be yet conservatives at the same time. Just we lack proper support for metal and sometimes we are deemed satanic.

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    • Thank you for the enlightenment. I apologize if I have put all Middle Eastern nations into the same bowl. Open minded people and conservative ones are found in every country. I spent my first 25 years of life in the US and had to contend with all the rock hating TV evangelists and I know all about metal being called Satanic. I will continue to champion your band because I loved what I heard from the demo and I will do a little research. Thank you again for taking the time to respond.


      • No worries at all just for the people reading don’t get the extreme wrong idea about Lebanon. Again we thank you you for the time and effort you took writing about us. We will share this on our page in the next few days so make sure you follow our fb page nd that we can get to know the awesome guy behind this blog. Cheers\\V//

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      • I will make sure that no one gets the wrong idea about Lebanon. It’s just a few years back, I wrote about the heavy metal band Confess from Iran who were facing long prison sentences for playing the music we love. It’s easy to group all Middle Eastern nations the same but I no better now. I have followed the band on Facebook under my real name, Michael LeFevre. It was my pleasure to write about you and I look forward to hearing your debut album.


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