Great Metal Albums of 1984: Hanoi Rocks- Two Steps From the Move

Coming to the final month in 1984, just when I thought that the year of metal might be coming to end, I get news of a band shown on MTV coming to a local club. That band just happend to be, yes you guessed it, Hanoi Rocks. Previous to their appearance, I did happen to catch the video to their single, a cover of the CCR classic, “Up Around the Bend.” The video impressed me enough to go to the club and to make a long story short, I was rather impressed. In fact, I sometimes wonder if I should have included that gig in “Rock and Roll Children.” My reason for not doing so was because KISS came to Philadelphia that evening and I concluded that the main characters would have gone to see KISS instead. However, I do mention in the story that Bob’s older brother Mitch goes to see Hanoi Rocks.

Hanoi Rocks’s performance on that memorable evening further motivated me to get their then latest release, “Two Steps From the Move.” Another decision I have never regretted because this album is very good. I would be lying if I didn’t say that “Up Around the Bend” is my favourite track on it. I had always liked the original version and what Hanoi Rocks did was take a great classic and totally metalize it. However, the album is full of great metal jams. The ones which stick out especially are: “I Can’t Get It,” “Underwater World, which has a good guitar solo and “Million Miles Away” is as good a power ballad as any. The hidden gem on the album has to be “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” The energy on that song is simply phenomenal! Definitely one to blast driving with the window down and “Boiler” is quite amusing. On the other hand and as cliche as this sounds, all the songs really kick ass. If I were to nit pick, it would be that “Don’t You Ever Leave Me” should have been the closer of the album but that’s a tiny technicality.

Track Listing:

  1. Up Around the Bend
  2. High School
  3. I Can’t Get It
  4. Underwater World
  5. Don’t You Ever Leave Me
  6. Million Miles Away
  7. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  8. Boiler (Me Boiler ‘n’ Me)
  9. Futurama
  10. Cutting Corners

Hanoi Rocks

Michael Monroe- lead vocals and saxophone

Andy McCoy- lead guitar, vocals

Nasty Suicide- guitar, vocals

Sam Yaffa- bass, vocals

Razzle- drums, vocals

In 1984, Hanoi Rocks were on the threshold of international stardom. Unfortunately, just a few short weeks after I saw them obliterate a small club in New Jersey, tragedy would strike the band which would lead to their eventual break up. While it’s no secret what that tragedy was, I thought it would be better to go into more detail next post. Right now, focus on the band’s happier times with this great album.

Next post: 1984 Ends in Metal Tragedy

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10 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1984: Hanoi Rocks- Two Steps From the Move”

  1. Loved this album and the whole look and attitude of HR. I was lucky enough in a band I played with around 1990/91 to once support Nasty Suicide in his band back then Cheap and Nasty, along with another band that night Rattlesnake Kiss at Eddies in Brum.

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  2. This is easily in my all time TOP 15! It is pure Brilliance …. I can’t believe you saw them before they imploded…that is awesome…. They also recorded a track called Two Steps From The Move that they did not release on this album but have since …
    Great post….

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    • I listened to that track on the Tubes of You and I thought it was very good. Thirty-three and a half years on, I still can’t believe I saw them just before that tragedy. But with me, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

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  3. […] Source: Great Metal Albums of 1984: Hanoi Rocks- Two Steps From the Move | 80smetalman’s Blog […]

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  4. I love this album. I never got to see Hanoi Rocks (but I’ve been to Hanoi and rocked). I did see Michael Monroe when he was promoting Dead, Jail or Rock And Roll and have done a few times since. He’s one of the great also ran front men in rock and roll history.

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  5. I dig this one a lot and have HMO to thank for turning me onto Hanoi Rocks.

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