80sMetalman’s Top 30 Power Ballads: 11-20

It figures that once I embarked on this massive project, there would be power ballads from my past which really liked but forgot about because of time. Since my last post two have come to light in my mind. Now I know how Sam Beckett must have felt like in Quantum Leap with the Swiss cheese brain. One of them, “I Believe In You” by Y&T, was one but would have only made the lower twenties. The other I have put it jointly with another on the upcoming list. Thing about this one is that this band has already had an entry and though the one from the previous list was commercially more popular, I prefer the the ballad on today’s post to that one. Anyway, here’s 11-20!

20. Def Leppard- Bringing On the Heartbreak

19. Pretty Boy Floyd- I Want to Be With You

18. Danger Danger- One Step From Paradise

17. Von Groove- Arianne

16. Warrant- Glimmer

15. Poison- Every Rose Has Its Thorn

I know I take the piss out of this song a lot but I secretly really kind of like it.

(Joint) 14. The Scorpions- Still Loving You

Yep, you guessed it! This was the other one I had forgotten about. Call me weird but I prefer this one to “Winds of Change.”

(Joint) 14. Metallica- Nothing Else Matters

13. Asphalt Ballet- Wasted Time

12. Steelheart- I’ll Never Let You Go

11. Little Angels- I Ain’t Gonna Cry

There are probably other great power ballads I had forgotten about and you can feel free to put them forward but I must tell you, my top ten is set in stone. In the meantime, you got 11 great power ballads to rock out to.

Next post: 1-10

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23 Responses to “80sMetalman’s Top 30 Power Ballads: 11-20”

  1. I might swap out the Def with love bites or blood runs cold. Love Every Rose, mostly because of Bill and Ted quoting it to God 🤗
    Can’t wait to see your top ten. Wondering if I’ll see The Flame, I Want To Know What Love Is, Sister Christian or Carry on Wayward Son (just a couple of my top picks 🤗)

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    • Love Bites was a contender as was Def Lep’s “All I Want is Everything” but sadly, they didn’t make it into the top 30. “Bringing On the Heartbreak” is one of my favourite DL songs of all time. Yes, that Bill and Ted bit is classic, I love it too!

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  2. Little Angels! My My My how many times did I see that band? It has to be in the high teens if it’s not 20. Great song

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  3. Some deep power ballad knowledge here. Quite a few I don’t know at all.

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  4. Von Groove! Wow I gotta dig this one out. Guitarist Mladen I believe wrote some tracks with Triumph when Emmett left….
    Lep with “BOTHB” is I think still there song starts slow and ramps up into the chorus…
    Great sound as well before they rereleased and added a wash of keyboards in it a few years later

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  5. This is a great list – lots I knew, a few I didn’t. Can’t wait for 1-10!

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  6. Another good list. Ah, still Loving You by Scorpions, one of the best, I think I agree with you now that it just shades Winds of Change. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, superb. Glad you went back and checked out Y&T. Great stuff.

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